Kids Week Day 2

Jul 10, 2013

Today, Made­lyn decid­ed we should do her nails again this time using Martha Stew­art Vin­tage Leaf Glit­ter in Turquoise and Charoite. So we applied a clear top coat to her nails then alter­nat­ed the two Vin­tage Leaf Glit­ter col­ors onto her nails. Once each nail was cov­ered with glit­ter I applied a clear top coat to seal the glit­ter.

Vintage Leaf Glitter Nails

After a fun few hours of bowl­ing with Ans­ley and Brit­tain we decid­ed for a quick after­noon snack Made­lyn should make “Flip Flop Cook­ies”. I found the idea on Pin­ter­est and have it post­ed in my “Things to Do with my Nieces” board. Dec­o­rat­ing each cook­ie is real­ly sim­ple. All you need is a pack­age of Nut­ter But­ter Cook­ies and two dif­fer­ent kinds of icing col­ors. When Made­lyn saw the Wilton Sparkling Gel which includ­ed the mag­ic word… Sparkling. She decid­ed this was the only way to go for her flip flop dec­o­rat­ing. This is a sim­ple cook­ie to make with hard­ly any clean up… just a few sticky fin­gers.

An afternoon of bowling

Flip Flop Cookies

She and Ans­ley made these cute “Bead Bud­dies” out of pipe clean­ers and plas­tic and wood­en beads. Ans­ley made these with her kids at work and could not wait to make one with Made­lyn. Made­lyn loved mak­ing hers so I will take some step by step pho­tos show­ing you how to make one and post it lat­er this week. I think see­ing it made will be much eas­i­er than me try­ing to tell you how to twist the pipe clean­ers to form the body, arms and legs.

Bead Buddies

For din­ner we made Neon Spaghet­ti with heart shaped Parme­san chips. I got the idea from Pin­ter­est and let me tell you it was a HUGE HIT!!! I high­ly rec­om­mend you tak­ing the time to make this for din­ner because adults and kids of all ages will love it. Instead of using reg­u­lar food col­or­ing col­ors I used Neon and decid­ed to make heart shaped Parme­san chips instead of cir­cles as the recipe stat­ed. If you want to make this din­ner for your fam­i­ly you can find it in my “Things to do with my nieces” Pin­ter­est board.

Neon Spaghetti

After din­ner Made­lyn was off to watch her broth­er Brit­tain play soc­cer while Ans­ley and her friends watched. There is some­thing so excit­ing being invit­ed to hang out with the big kids when you are 10. As you can see this kid nev­er has a chance to get bored. It was a fun filled day and we are all ready to do it all over again tomor­row. We have more cook­ies to make, jum­bo marsh­mal­lows to dec­o­rate, fish bowl drinks to enjoy, I’m think­ing anoth­er man­i­cure with glit­ter and who knows what else.

Kids Week Day 1

Kids Week 1


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