Kids Week Day 2

Jul 10, 2013

Today, Madelyn decided we should do her nails again this time using Martha Stewart Vintage Leaf Glitter in Turquoise and Charoite. So we applied a clear top coat to her nails then alternated the two Vintage Leaf Glitter colors onto her nails. Once each nail was covered with glitter I applied a clear top coat to seal the glitter.

Vintage Leaf Glitter Nails

After a fun few hours of bowling with Ansley and Brittain we decided for a quick afternoon snack Madelyn should make “Flip Flop Cookies“. I found the idea on Pinterest and have it posted in my “Things to Do with my Nieces” board. Decorating each cookie is really simple. All you need is a package of Nutter Butter Cookies and two different kinds of icing colors. When Madelyn saw the Wilton Sparkling Gel which included the magic word… Sparkling. She decided this was the only way to go for her flip flop decorating. This is a simple cookie to make with hardly any clean up… just a few sticky fingers.

An afternoon of bowling

Flip Flop Cookies

She and Ansley made these cute “Bead Buddies” out of pipe cleaners and plastic and wooden beads. Ansley made these with her kids at work and could not wait to make one with Madelyn. Madelyn loved making hers so I will take some step by step photos showing you how to make one and post it later this week. I think seeing it made will be much easier than me trying to tell you how to twist the pipe cleaners to form the body, arms and legs.

Bead Buddies

For dinner we made Neon Spaghetti with heart shaped Parmesan chips. I got the idea from Pinterest and let me tell you it was a HUGE HIT!!! I highly recommend you taking the time to make this for dinner because adults and kids of all ages will love it. Instead of using regular food coloring colors I used Neon and decided to make heart shaped Parmesan chips instead of circles as the recipe stated. If you want to make this dinner for your family you can find it in my “Things to do with my nieces” Pinterest board.

Neon Spaghetti

After dinner Madelyn was off to watch her brother Brittain play soccer while Ansley and her friends watched. There is something so exciting being invited to hang out with the big kids when you are 10. As you can see this kid never has a chance to get bored. It was a fun filled day and we are all ready to do it all over again tomorrow. We have more cookies to make, jumbo marshmallows to decorate, fish bowl drinks to enjoy, I’m thinking another manicure with glitter and who knows what else.

Kids Week Day 1

Kids Week 1


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