Kids Week 2 Day 5

Jul 26, 2013

Sim­ple sum­mer fun is what this day was all about. I made Bel­lie a water­ing can out of an emp­ty Sim­ply Orange con­tain­er. This con­tain­er is the per­fect size for young kids to hold when filled with water. I used a drill to drill holes in the lid, filled it with water, put the lid back on and we are talk­ing hours of fun. While I sat under an umbrel­la she filled and emp­tied her “Water­ing Can” over and over again with a gar­den hose. Bel­lie loved spray­ing the water in the air to make rain­bows and of course helped keep me cool by spray­ing my feet. It was a fun after­noon sit­ting out­side eat­ing Nil­la Wafers, sip­ping on lemon­ade and lis­ten­ing to her laugh.

Water fun


Once Bel­lie was fin­ished play­ing out­side in the water we head­ed inside to make some “Swim­ming Ted­dies”. Since I could not find any pre-made blue jel­lo I made a pack of blue jel­lo, that morn­ing. She and I talked about mak­ing this snack the night before, at bed­time so I want­ed to make sure the jel­lo was ready, in the after­noon. When you are lit­tle and have to wait hours for the jel­lo to firm up it feels like a life­time.

All you need to make “Swim­ming Ted­dies” are blue jel­lo, Gum­my Life­savers and Hon­ey Ted­dy Gra­hams. Bel­lie placed a Ted­dy Gra­ham into the cen­ter of a Gum­my Life­saver then placed the Ted­dy on top of the jel­lo. I let her put as many “Swim­ming Ted­dies” on the jel­lo as she want­ed. Once fin­ished you end up hav­ing a bunch of lit­tle Ted­dies that look like they are swim­ming in a pool with inner tubes around their waist. So cute! Bel­lie gave this snack a 2 thumbs up.

Swimming Teddies

Once the sun start­ed going down it was time for side­walk chalk. Bel­lie loves to draw so she was already for this fun. She loves for me to name ran­dom things for her to draw and let me just tell you this lit­tle girl can draw any­thing I name. As it got dark­er she looked up at me and asked if I ever heard of S’mores. I told her I sure did and we could make some if she want­ed. But we could not make a fire to roast the marsh­mal­lows out­side because it was too dry here so we had to make them inside. No wor­ries, she said… which made me laugh because that is what I say to her, so inside we went to make some S’mores.

Sidewalk Chalk

If you want to make our “City Slick­er S“mores” all you need are Gra­ham Crack­ers, Milk Choco­late Morsels and Marsh­mal­lows. I had Bel­lie place as many milk choco­late morsels onto each 1/2 gra­ham crack­er as she want­ed then one marsh­mal­low on top of each milk choco­late cov­ered 1/2 gra­ham crack­er. I placed the pan under the broil­er until the tops of the marsh­mal­lows turned dark brown. Watch them care­ful­ly because they turn brown fast. Once the marsh­mal­lows were brown I removed the pan from the oven and quick­ly placed the remain­ing 1/2 gra­ham crack­ers on top of each marsh­mal­low, squish­ing the marsh­mal­low down as much as it would go. And that’s it, “City Slick­er S’mores”.

As I start­ed to sit her S’mores on a plate at the table she looked up at me and told me, you are sup­posed to eat S’mores out­side, sil­ly. So out­side we went to eat our S’mores and count the stars. It was a won­der­ful evening sit­ting on the dri­ve­way lis­ten­ing to her count the stars and tell me, she was nev­er going home because she loved it here. Lit­tle does she know Dis­ney­land is clos­ing, Sat­ur­day at 3:30 when we  meet her mom half way to go home.

Oh and we tried the “Glow­ing Bub­bles” idea that is on Pin­ter­est. Well it was a total flop. I poured bub­bles into a cup, emp­tied two glow neck­laces into the bub­bles and the mix­ture glowed for all of about 30 sec­onds. So we just blew bub­bles in the dark and tried to find them, Bel­lie will always find the good in any­thing.

City Slicker S"mores

And just a lit­tle reminder, today is the last day to Nom­i­nate a Kid for a free “Kids Crafts” art box. If you have or know of a child between the ages of 6 — 10 make sure you leave a com­ment on this post HERE!

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