Kids Week 2 Day 5

Jul 26, 2013

Simple summer fun is what this day was all about. I made Bellie a watering can out of an empty Simply Orange container. This container is the perfect size for young kids to hold when filled with water. I used a drill to drill holes in the lid, filled it with water, put the lid back on and we are talking hours of fun. While I sat under an umbrella she filled and emptied her “Watering Can” over and over again with a garden hose. Bellie loved spraying the water in the air to make rainbows and of course helped keep me cool by spraying my feet. It was a fun afternoon sitting outside eating Nilla Wafers, sipping on lemonade and listening to her laugh.

Water fun


Once Bellie was finished playing outside in the water we headed inside to make some “Swimming Teddies”. Since I could not find any pre-made blue jello I made a pack of blue jello, that morning. She and I talked about making this snack the night before, at bedtime so I wanted to make sure the jello was ready, in the afternoon. When you are little and have to wait hours for the jello to firm up it feels like a lifetime.

All you need to make “Swimming Teddies” are blue jello, Gummy Lifesavers and Honey Teddy Grahams. Bellie placed a Teddy Graham into the center of a Gummy Lifesaver then placed the Teddy on top of the jello. I let her put as many “Swimming Teddies” on the jello as she wanted. Once finished you end up having a bunch of little Teddies that look like they are swimming in a pool with inner tubes around their waist. So cute! Bellie gave this snack a 2 thumbs up.

Swimming Teddies

Once the sun started going down it was time for sidewalk chalk. Bellie loves to draw so she was already for this fun. She loves for me to name random things for her to draw and let me just tell you this little girl can draw anything I name. As it got darker she looked up at me and asked if I ever heard of S’mores. I told her I sure did and we could make some if she wanted. But we could not make a fire to roast the marshmallows outside because it was too dry here so we had to make them inside. No worries, she said… which made me laugh because that is what I say to her, so inside we went to make some S’mores.

Sidewalk Chalk

If you want to make our “City Slicker S”mores” all you need are Graham Crackers, Milk Chocolate Morsels and Marshmallows. I had Bellie place as many milk chocolate morsels onto each 1/2 graham cracker as she wanted then one marshmallow on top of each milk chocolate covered 1/2 graham cracker. I placed the pan under the broiler until the tops of the marshmallows turned dark brown. Watch them carefully because they turn brown fast. Once the marshmallows were brown I removed the pan from the oven and quickly placed the remaining 1/2 graham crackers on top of each marshmallow, squishing the marshmallow down as much as it would go. And that’s it, “City Slicker S’mores”.

As I started to sit her S’mores on a plate at the table she looked up at me and told me, you are supposed to eat S’mores outside, silly. So outside we went to eat our S’mores and count the stars. It was a wonderful evening sitting on the driveway listening to her count the stars and tell me, she was never going home because she loved it here. Little does she know Disneyland is closing, Saturday at 3:30 when we  meet her mom half way to go home.

Oh and we tried the “Glowing Bubbles” idea that is on Pinterest. Well it was a total flop. I poured bubbles into a cup, emptied two glow necklaces into the bubbles and the mixture glowed for all of about 30 seconds. So we just blew bubbles in the dark and tried to find them, Bellie will always find the good in anything.

City Slicker S"mores

And just a little reminder, today is the last day to Nominate a Kid for a free “Kids Crafts” art box. If you have or know of a child between the ages of 6 – 10 make sure you leave a comment on this post HERE!

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