Kids Week 2 Day 4

Jul 25, 2013

Here is a real­ly fun snack to make with your kids. Bel­lie named it her “Gra­ham Crack­er Bear Snack”. I got this idea from Pin­ter­est so don’t think I’m that orig­i­nal. To make your very own “Gra­ham Crack­er Bear Snack” you will need Hon­ey Gra­ham Crack­ers, Peanut But­ter, Marsh­mal­lows, Milk Choco­late Morsels and a knife.

Break one gra­ham crack­er in half. Spread peanut but­ter onto each gra­ham crack­er half, cut one marsh­mal­low in half and place one half onto each of the peanut but­ter topped gra­ham crack­ers. This will be the bear’s muz­zle. Place two milk choco­late morsels to make the bear’s eyes and one milk choco­late morsel in the cen­ter of the marsh­mal­low to make the bear’s nose.

Bel­lie loved her snack and can’t wait to go home to show Made­lyn how to make them.

Bear Snack

While Bel­lie was run­ning around like a wild child play­ing with the dogs I snuck into my bath­room with a pack­age of Glow Stick bracelets. I thought putting these in her bath would make bath time fun. So once I had every­thing all ready I called Bel­lie in for her bath. The look on her face when she saw the tub glow­ing was price­less. She told me this was the best bath ever! She loved every minute of her bath.

And this fun idea came with a bonus because once bath time was over Bel­lie got to wear a glow­ing bracelet on each arm, on her ankle and two con­nect­ed to wear as a neck­lace. This got an absolute with­out a doubt 2 thumbs up from Bel­lie. It’s amaz­ing how the sim­plest things can bring such joy to a child.

Best Bath Ever

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