Kids Week 2 Day 3

Jul 24, 2013

These past few days real­ly have been some of the lazi­est days of my sum­mer. Bel­lie loves watch­ing movies and hang­ing out in her jam­mies all day. I must say, I have enjoyed watch­ing Cora­line, Fox in the Hound and My Lit­tle Pony over and over and over again. Now her broth­er and uncle well not so much but they are being good sports about it. After all this week is all about Bel­lie.

When it comes to cre­at­ing things Bel­lie prefers mak­ing fun food cre­ations rather than actu­al crafts. Her favorite thing to do is draw which she will do for hours but crafts, well she likes them but they need to be fast. So since I had some wood­en clothes pins left over from Made­lyn alter­ing her clothes pins I thought it would be fun for Bel­lie to make cater­pil­lars.

Clothes Pin Caterpillars

This was just the kin­da craft Bel­lie loved. And the best part for moms is there is ZERO mess. All you need are wood­en clothes pins (1 for each cater­pil­lar), an assort­ment of col­ored pom poms (5 per caterpillar)2 , wig­gly eyes per cater­pil­lart, scis­sors, red line tape and small glue dots.

I applied a strip of red line tape across the cen­ter top of 4 wood­en clothes pin then let Bel­lie attach 5 pom poms to each clothes pin. Once she had all her clothes pins cov­ered with pom poms I attached a small glue dot to each wig­gly eye and she attached 2 wig­gly eyes to each cater­pil­lar. And just like that you have 4 cute lit­tle cater­pil­lars. I’m going to attach some mag­nets to the back of each one so she can place them on the refrig­er­a­tor at home.

Clothes Pin Caterpillars

For lunch I showed her how to make “Fish Bowl Punch” like I did with Made­lyn. This was such a huge hit with both girls. Bel­lie loved this drink so much and thought it was the best drink ever. I think the cutest thing was her say­ing as we were mak­ing it, “this is going to be so awe­some”.

Fish Bowl Punch

If you have kids between the ages of 6 and 10 this drink gets 2 thumbs up from both girls, which means you just have got to make this with kids in your fam­i­ly. They will love you for it.

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