Kids Week 2 Day 3

Jul 24, 2013

These past few days really have been some of the laziest days of my summer. Bellie loves watching movies and hanging out in her jammies all day. I must say, I have enjoyed watching Coraline, Fox in the Hound and My Little Pony over and over and over again. Now her brother and uncle well not so much but they are being good sports about it. After all this week is all about Bellie.

When it comes to creating things Bellie prefers making fun food creations rather than actual crafts. Her favorite thing to do is draw which she will do for hours but crafts, well she likes them but they need to be fast. So since I had some wooden clothes pins left over from Madelyn altering her clothes pins I thought it would be fun for Bellie to make caterpillars.

Clothes Pin Caterpillars

This was just the kinda craft Bellie loved. And the best part for moms is there is ZERO mess. All you need are wooden clothes pins (1 for each caterpillar), an assortment of colored pom poms (5 per caterpillar)2 , wiggly eyes per caterpillart, scissors, red line tape and small glue dots.

I applied a strip of red line tape across the center top of 4 wooden clothes pin then let Bellie attach 5 pom poms to each clothes pin. Once she had all her clothes pins covered with pom poms I attached a small glue dot to each wiggly eye and she attached 2 wiggly eyes to each caterpillar. And just like that you have 4 cute little caterpillars. I’m going to attach some magnets to the back of each one so she can place them on the refrigerator at home.

Clothes Pin Caterpillars

For lunch I showed her how to make “Fish Bowl Punch” like I did with Madelyn. This was such a huge hit with both girls. Bellie loved this drink so much and thought it was the best drink ever. I think the cutest thing was her saying as we were making it, “this is going to be so awesome”.

Fish Bowl Punch

If you have kids between the ages of 6 and 10 this drink gets 2 thumbs up from both girls, which means you just have got to make this with kids in your family. They will love you for it.

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