Kids Week 2 Day 2

Jul 23, 2013

Teddy on the Beach

I saw this cute snack idea on Pin­ter­est while look­ing for fun things to do with my nieces dur­ing their vis­its. “Ted­dy on the Beach” as Bel­lie named it, is a real­ly fun snack for kids her age (6 yrs) to make. She loved putting hers togeth­er.

To make your “Ted­dy on the Beach” you will need Vanil­la Snack Pack Pud­ding, Nil­la Wafers, Ted­dy Gra­hams, Fruit by the Foot, a small bag­gie and a paper drink umbrel­la.

Place 4 Nil­la Wafers into a bag­gie and let your child crush them to fine crumbs. Open a Vanil­la Snack Pack Pud­ding Pack and have the child place all the Nil­la Wafer crumbs on top of the pud­ding. Cut a piece of Fruit by the Foot long enough to make the Ted­dy Gra­ham a “tow­el”. Place the “tow­el” on top of the cook­ie crumbs, place the Ted­dy Gra­ham on top of the “tow­el” then place the umbrel­la into the crumbs/pudding.

What a fun sum­mer­time snack for kids to make dur­ing an after­noon play date or after lunch as we did.

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