Kids Week 2 Day 1

Jul 22, 2013

Bellie visits this week

This week it’s Bel­lie’s turn to vis­it us for a lit­tle fun and spoil­ing. She and Made­lyn’s per­son­al­i­ties are so oppo­site. I can only imag­ine what Bel­lie is going to want to make and do.

Breakfast and Art

Bel­lie starts each day draw­ing as she eats her break­fast. This kid loves to draw. She always has a pen­cil and sketch pad close by and I love look­ing at her doo­dles and draw­ings. Kids art is the best. Which reminds me don’t for­get to nom­i­nate a kid for a chance to receive a free “Kids Crafts” art box HERE.

Glow Bug

While look­ing for things to make with the girls dur­ing their vis­it I found this cute “Glow Bug” idea on Pin­ter­est. I thought Bel­lie would love mak­ing one and I was right! The only plas­tic East­er egg I could find around the house was one that already had a face but since she want­ed her glow bug to sit this worked per­fect­ly for her. Which was a good thing because if not, well I guess there would have been no glow bug since it’s not like I could just go right out and pur­chase plas­tic East­er eggs in the sum­mer.

To make her glow bug, using a paper piercer I poked two small holes at the top of the egg for the anten­na, two small holes (one on each side of the top half of the egg) for the arms and two small holes (on the bot­tom half of the egg ) for the legs. Then I had Bel­lie push pipe clean­er pieces I cut to about 3 inch­es into each hole. I secured each pipe clean­er onto the egg by grab­bing a pipe clean­er end on the inside of the egg with pli­ars then twist­ing it slight­ly. Bel­lie shaped the arms, legs and anten­na like she want­ed them while I cut out wings for her glow bug from a clear plas­tic solo cup. Then she attached the wings to the back of her glow bug using red line tape. To make her glow bug glow in the dark we placed a bat­tery oper­at­ed tea light inside the egg, and just like that we had a “Glow Bug” for Bel­lie bug.

Kids Week 1 Re-Cap


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