Kids Week 2 Day 1

Jul 22, 2013

Bellie visits this week

This week it’s Bellie’s turn to visit us for a little fun and spoiling. She and Madelyn’s personalities are so opposite. I can only imagine what Bellie is going to want to make and do.

Breakfast and Art

Bellie starts each day drawing as she eats her breakfast. This kid loves to draw. She always has a pencil and sketch pad close by and I love looking at her doodles and drawings. Kids art is the best. Which reminds me don’t forget to nominate a kid for a chance to receive a free “Kids Crafts” art box HERE.

Glow Bug

While looking for things to make with the girls during their visit I found this cute “Glow Bug” idea on Pinterest. I thought Bellie would love making one and I was right! The only plastic Easter egg I could find around the house was one that already had a face but since she wanted her glow bug to sit this worked perfectly for her. Which was a good thing because if not, well I guess there would have been no glow bug since it’s not like I could just go right out and purchase plastic Easter eggs in the summer.

To make her glow bug, using a paper piercer I poked two small holes at the top of the egg for the antenna, two small holes (one on each side of the top half of the egg) for the arms and two small holes (on the bottom half of the egg ) for the legs. Then I had Bellie push pipe cleaner pieces I cut to about 3 inches into each hole. I secured each pipe cleaner onto the egg by grabbing a pipe cleaner end on the inside of the egg with pliars then twisting it slightly. Bellie shaped the arms, legs and antenna like she wanted them while I cut out wings for her glow bug from a clear plastic solo cup. Then she attached the wings to the back of her glow bug using red line tape. To make her glow bug glow in the dark we placed a battery operated tea light inside the egg, and just like that we had a “Glow Bug” for Bellie bug.

Kids Week 1 Re-Cap


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