Enjoying the Process

Jul 31, 2013

These projects are sitting on my worktable just waiting for me to complete. I really enjoy creating several different plaster items at once. This way I have several different projects to pick from and I don’t have to wait for plaster to dry. I just dig around, pick out the piece that inspires me that day and start creating. It’s a lovely way to start the day.

Plaster Heart Shadow Box

This heart is going to become a shadow box. It will be painted, inked, stamped, waxed and filled with who knows what kinda thrifty find.

Plaster Crown

This plaster crown is just the first of many I plan on creating. Goodness was this fun to make. I must admit I did fuss with it far too long but I wanted it to have lots of rough, uneven textured areas inside and out. As soon as I had it the way I wanted I would some how smooth out an area. Now you know if I had wanted the area smooth in the first place there would have been no way I would have ever been able to accomplish that task. This crown is going to be painted, antiqued and dressed up with rhinestones and whatever other items I discover in my stash of vintage finds.

DYI Plaster Canvas

This is a wonderful DIY plaster canvas I created. I love it and will do this anytime I need a flat paneled type canvas. The completed canvas is rough around the edges, has slightly raised corners and by no means is it flat or smooth on the front or back. It is sitting on my worktable screaming at me to be used. I see a plaster boat with charcoal scallops and an inspiring quote adorning the front of this canvas. We will see how close to this idea the finished piece comes.


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