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Jun 28, 2013

Who would have ever thought my fingers and both hands would look like this on a daily basis and that I didn’t mind. Certainly not me. Nope not ever would I have thought this but here is the proof.


I have really been enjoying some creative freedom lately. Just exploring new mediums, learning new techniques and enjoying the process. It’s fun to explore and try new things when I don’t have serious deadlines swirling around in my head. I’m sure this is true with most everyone, though some handle it better than others. I am the type that when I know I have a deadline I cannot allow myself creative freedom until all deadlines are met and everything is in order. I really need to find a way to balance this inside my head. I guess I will always be a piece of work in progress… mentally and creatively.

Plaster Bird

Plaster Bird

Here is the plaster bird I’ve been creating. I love all the different textures you can create with plaster. Next up for this project is bees wax. I plan on applying some along the top and sides.

Santos Caged Doll

And I am so intrigued with all the different Santos Caged Dolls that I decided to create one of my own. This piece still has a long way to go but I just had to share what I’ve done so far. I worked on this piece into the wee hours of the morning and was so happy to see it still standing when I entered my studio the next day. I have great plans for this one.

I hope your weekend is a creative one and it includes a little plaster.


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