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Jun 13, 2013

Bird nest

I don’t think it’s hard to guess that I love nature since I have sev­er­al bird nests sit­ing in my stu­dio win­dow. I find bird nests so intrigu­ing as each one is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent in style and place­ment yet all have the same pur­pose. To me a bird’s nest is nature’s most basic form of assem­blage art.

Studio window

The great­est thing about mov­ing my stu­dio to the front room of our house is this win­dow. Each day, I have the joy of get­ting to watch birds splash in the bird­bath, hear them chirp and tweet, and watch them hop, walk and fly.  Some days I’m real­ly lucky and get to see a baby bird or two learn to fly and hunt for food.

Baby Bluejay

This baby blue jay was rest­ing up from it’s first flight. Mom­ma blue jay was NOT hap­py that it decid­ed to rest in this spot. She was hav­ing a fit so I got up to see what was going on and as I peeked out the win­dow by our front door I stum­ble upon this moment. A baby blue jay try­ing with all it’s might to muster up the courage to try fly­ing again. It took a bit but he did it and man­aged to get to the tree in our front yard. Then all was calm once again for mom­ma blue jay and her baby.

baby mockingbird

The oth­er day as I was sit­ting at my com­put­er I heard a noise at the win­dow and as I looked up I saw this baby mock­ing­bird fly­ing not too well and land­ing on the ground. It was chirp­ing some­thing fierce for it’s mom­ma. She quick­ly came fly­ing over and fed it a bug. Once it calmed down and was sit­ting qui­et­ly she flew back and forth bring­ing and feed­ing it bugs. This too was a great moment to wit­ness.

Sleepy Bunny

This sleepy bun­ny takes after­noon naps in the bush­es just under the bird bath. He clears a lit­tle spot in the dirt and sleeps for a few hours. It’s so cute watch­ing him fall asleep. One year I had a mom­ma bun­ny and her three babies liv­ing in these bush­es. Since rab­bits stay close to where they were born I often won­der if this is one of those baby bun­nies.


It’s amaz­ing how much goes on out­side my win­dow in that lit­tle spot behind the bush­es. I love each and every dai­ly vis­it of lit­tle spar­rows, car­di­nals, mock­ing­birds, blue jays and bun­nies.


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