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Jun 13, 2013

Bird nest

I don’t think it’s hard to guess that I love nature since I have several bird nests siting in my studio window. I find bird nests so intriguing as each one is a little different in style and placement yet all have the same purpose. To me a bird’s nest is nature’s most basic form of assemblage art.

Studio window

The greatest thing about moving my studio to the front room of our house is this window. Each day, I have the joy of getting to watch birds splash in the birdbath, hear them chirp and tweet, and watch them hop, walk and fly.  Some days I’m really lucky and get to see a baby bird or two learn to fly and hunt for food.

Baby Bluejay

This baby blue jay was resting up from it’s first flight. Momma blue jay was NOT happy that it decided to rest in this spot. She was having a fit so I got up to see what was going on and as I peeked out the window by our front door I stumble upon this moment. A baby blue jay trying with all it’s might to muster up the courage to try flying again. It took a bit but he did it and managed to get to the tree in our front yard. Then all was calm once again for momma blue jay and her baby.

baby mockingbird

The other day as I was sitting at my computer I heard a noise at the window and as I looked up I saw this baby mockingbird flying not too well and landing on the ground. It was chirping something fierce for it’s momma. She quickly came flying over and fed it a bug. Once it calmed down and was sitting quietly she flew back and forth bringing and feeding it bugs. This too was a great moment to witness.

Sleepy Bunny

This sleepy bunny takes afternoon naps in the bushes just under the bird bath. He clears a little spot in the dirt and sleeps for a few hours. It’s so cute watching him fall asleep. One year I had a momma bunny and her three babies living in these bushes. Since rabbits stay close to where they were born I often wonder if this is one of those baby bunnies.


It’s amazing how much goes on outside my window in that little spot behind the bushes. I love each and every daily visit of little sparrows, cardinals, mockingbirds, blue jays and bunnies.


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