Jun 5, 2013

Most of you should know by now that I have a serious LOVE for Stickles, especially Diamond and Platinum! When teaching these two are a given for items needed in class. I use Stickles on pretty much everything I create and I have a saying about them too, “Stickles is to Crafters what Botox is to Plastic Surgeons. You can always use a little somewhere”.

If you are a crafter that does not like loose glitter Stickles is a product for you. It’s easy to use and there is zero mess. So today, I’m going to show you how I use a little or a lot on my projects.


Diamond Stickles is a great way to give a simple flower a little pop. All you need to do is apply a small amount onto the stamen. Stickles adds just the right amount of sparkle to accent your project beautifully. Also you can see I added a tiny bit to the flower on the napkin design in the background as well as the chipboard frame.


You can outline embellishments such as this butterfly with Stickles. This helps separate the two layers of the butterfly and intensifies it’s dimension. Here you can really see the light application of Diamond Stickles on the chipboard frame.

Flower accents

I lightly accented the embossed polka dots on the chipboard flowers and the edge and design on the motif bingo pieces. Applying Diamond Stickles to these embellishments takes what would be very simple and plain embellishments to a more polished embellishment. I also covered each chipboard letter with Diamond Stickles. I apply Stickles over both ink or paint.


Here I accented the stencil design in the background with Diamond Stickles. Doing this is a subtle way to bring attention to the background. I didn’t want the background to over power the piece yet I didn’t want it overlooked either.



When finishing up this dress form I applied Diamond Stickles to the crown using a paint brush. Then outlined the edges using Gold Stickles. I also accented the wings and bodice of the dress form with Diamond Stickles and a paint brush. Then I outlined the wings by applying a thin layer of Platinum Stickles to the edges. To separate each layer of crepe paper ruffles I applied a thin layer of Gold Stickles to each ruffle edge.


Platinum Stickles is a great all around color to outline distressed edges on tags, stamped UTEE embellishments and paper flowers. Platinum Stickles adds just the right amount of color. I’ve not found a color that it doesn’t look great next to.


I even Stickle fabric. Here you can see how I accented the stencil design on this muslin cup cozy. I’m not kidding when I say I Stickle everything. So if you like a little bling but don’t like to use loose glitter give Stickles a try.

When applying Stickles, squeeze the bottle lightly, it only takes a thin layer to beautifully accent your projects. When applying I gently squeeze the Stickles bottle until a small amount of Stickles is on the tip then I lightly tap the Stickles onto the embellishment. You don’t want a big glob sitting on a stamen, your chipboard letters or outline as it will take forever to dry and the final result is not as pretty. So remember… gently squeeze, tap tap tap, dry. You can always go back and add more if needed.


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