Plaster, Plaster, Plaster

Jun 24, 2013

This is all that is on my mind at the moment. I tell ya I do believe I found a new love. I look at EVERYTHING and think man that would look awesome covered in plaster.

This reminds me of my mom when I was younger. If that woman had a can of spray paint and it didn’t move it got painted… that women would spray paint anything and everything until the can was empty.

I love the texture you can create with plaster and the smoothness you can get when creating items from molds. It’s just the most amazing stuff. You can carve on it, paint it, ink it, stamp it and of course cover it in bees wax and here are just a few of the projects I have in the works. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head I can hardly remain focused, actually since these are all unfinished projects I guess I’m not staying focused at all.

Plaster Bird

This is a bird I built, covered it in plaster, added some texture and painted it… it’s still in the works and I’m loving how it’s coming together. I plan on creating LOTS of birds. It’s so much fun.

Mini Canvas

This is a mini canvas I covered with plaster and painted. I have lots of ideas for this piece. It’s gonna be a wild and funky piece. Which is something way different than my normal vintage style.


And here are some Frozen Charlotte Dolls I created using plaster and my molds. They are awesome and I plan on painting some and covering them with bees wax. Notice how smooth the finish is… still perfecting the no bubbles technique but in some ways I like the bubbles. They will look amazing filled with bees wax and paint.

Ok off to work some more on my bird… I cannot wait to show you the finished piece.

Go buy some plaster.


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