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Jun 10, 2013


Most people don’t look at horseshoe nails and think to make a cross but this is exactly what someone did. Years ago dad stumbled upon this idea and when I saw the cross he made for one of his woodcarvings I had him bend a few nails for me.  I find it so intriguing when people take an unexpected item and turn it into something so unique. I can promise you the thought of bending horseshoe nails into a cross would have never ever come to my mind.

If you want to make a horseshoe nail cross similar to mine you will need 4 horseshoe nails, 2 pairs of pliers, 20 gauge gold wire, wire cutters and small cream colored beads.

Horseshoe Nail Cross

Hold each end of a horseshoe nail with a pair of pliers. Bend to shape the bottom two vertical nails as seen in the above photo. Now bend the top two horizontal nails as shown in the above photo making sure to create a loop at the end of these two nails. These nails are STRONG. If you have weak hands you might need someone to help you with this step. It is important to make the pair of nails (two two nails and the bottom two nails) as close to the same size as possible. If not your cross will be wonky.

Once you have the nails bent using wire cutters, cut a piece of 20 gauge wire to about 30 inches in length. Starting just below the two curled ends, hold the top two nails in place and begin wrapping the wire around the nails. After several wire wraps thread a bead onto the wire and continue wrapping. Repeat these steps until you reach the base of the horizontal nails.

Now here comes the tricky part hold the two bottom nails in place to create a cross, begin wrapping the wire vertically connecting the bottom half of the cross to the top half of the cross. Remember to add small beads as you wrap. Once you completely wrap the vertical section of the cross, cut a second piece of wire and begin wrapping the horizontal part of the cross, again adding small beads as you wrap. Once the wire wrapping of the cross is completed add a section of rosary style beads to the top and attach your cross to a necklace.

Completed Cross

As in life this cross is far from perfect but if you really look you can still find beauty.


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