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Jun 10, 2013


Most peo­ple don’t look at horse­shoe nails and think to make a cross but this is exact­ly what some­one did. Years ago dad stum­bled upon this idea and when I saw the cross he made for one of his wood­carv­ings I had him bend a few nails for me.  I find it so intrigu­ing when peo­ple take an unex­pect­ed item and turn it into some­thing so unique. I can promise you the thought of bend­ing horse­shoe nails into a cross would have nev­er ever come to my mind.

If you want to make a horse­shoe nail cross sim­i­lar to mine you will need 4 horse­shoe nails, 2 pairs of pli­ers, 20 gauge gold wire, wire cut­ters and small cream col­ored beads.

Horseshoe Nail Cross

Hold each end of a horse­shoe nail with a pair of pli­ers. Bend to shape the bot­tom two ver­ti­cal nails as seen in the above pho­to. Now bend the top two hor­i­zon­tal nails as shown in the above pho­to mak­ing sure to cre­ate a loop at the end of these two nails. These nails are STRONG. If you have weak hands you might need some­one to help you with this step. It is impor­tant to make the pair of nails (two two nails and the bot­tom two nails) as close to the same size as pos­si­ble. If not your cross will be wonky.

Once you have the nails bent using wire cut­ters, cut a piece of 20 gauge wire to about 30 inch­es in length. Start­ing just below the two curled ends, hold the top two nails in place and begin wrap­ping the wire around the nails. After sev­er­al wire wraps thread a bead onto the wire and con­tin­ue wrap­ping. Repeat these steps until you reach the base of the hor­i­zon­tal nails.

Now here comes the tricky part hold the two bot­tom nails in place to cre­ate a cross, begin wrap­ping the wire ver­ti­cal­ly con­nect­ing the bot­tom half of the cross to the top half of the cross. Remem­ber to add small beads as you wrap. Once you com­plete­ly wrap the ver­ti­cal sec­tion of the cross, cut a sec­ond piece of wire and begin wrap­ping the hor­i­zon­tal part of the cross, again adding small beads as you wrap. Once the wire wrap­ping of the cross is com­plet­ed add a sec­tion of rosary style beads to the top and attach your cross to a neck­lace.

Completed Cross

As in life this cross is far from per­fect but if you real­ly look you can still find beau­ty.


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