Altered Frozen Charlotte Dolls

Jun 6, 2013

I have to show you how Julie Smith Campbell alters some of my Handmade Frozen Charlotte Dolls as I think you just might be inspired by her creations. I know I certainly am.


I think this Spring piece is so lovely and  unique. I love how she incorporated the broken egg shell for the base of this piece.

Altered Spoons

And look how Julie altered these spoons. How can you not love anything that includes vintage spoons, Frozen Charlotte Heads, rhinestone trim, pearls, silver glass glitter and other awesome vintage items.


And just look at this adorable altered project. These are not my Frozen Charlotte Dolls but these certainly do inspire me to create some tiny ballerina’s with mine. So cute! I think Julie and I could do some serious damage at a flea market together. We seem to love the same things and have similar styles.


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