Thrift Store Finds

May 8, 2013

Meet Laura

It’s time again to share this weeks wonderful thrift store finds. I spotted this beautiful doll from across the store and seriously could not get to her fast enough. As soon as I saw her I had instant tunnel vision and was ready to start hurdling furniture if I felt it was warranted. I’m simply giddy, I love her so much. Her rust colored satin dress is a little worn in areas and her pantaloons have darkened with age but all I see is pure beauty. I’ve named her Laura and you will see her lots in blog posts.

Thrift Store Finds

I also scored a great vintage piano book filled with beautifully aged music sheets. I cannot pass up vintage music sheets. They are one of my favorite items to use in collages. The five cute 4.5″ leaf shaped dishes are part of the Spring Violets collection by Rossetti. They are stamped Occupied Japan, Butter Pats. These will be used as photo props to hold bits and baubles for my Delight In The Art of Collage Kits. The ceramic jewelry or trinket box was made by Ucagco (United China and Glass Co.) in Japan and is about 7″ long. This box is perfect to store the vintage earrings I’ve been collecting for a future collage kit. And lastly, this cute rolling pin is actually an 8″ long recipe card holder. The bottom is flat so it doesn’t roll and it has a slit across the top to hold your recipe card. This will be great to hold and photograph cards and tags.

This weekend I’ll be doing some serious flea marketing. I love the thrill of not knowing what awesome goodies I’ll find. I’ve given Alan, mom and dad a list of things I’m hunting for so we are all good to go. We have a plan and money to spend… it’s gonna be a great weekend, just two more sleeps.


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