Studio Observations

May 20, 2013

Several weeks ago while staying at Ronda’s and playing in her awesome studio, as I looked around I noticed lots of similarities in the way we decorate and the products we use to create. Even though our styles are quite different we do have a love for similar things. So while I was noticing all the similarities I started snapping photos to show you how two totally different artists (I’m a vintage neutral girl and she is a wildly colorful stencil girl) can be such great friends.

Studio Comparing Buttons

Ronda uses colored buttons in her art and has them sorted and lined up in rainbow order neatly on a shelf were as I use mostly clear or neutral colored buttons and have jars placed here and there in my studio.

Studio Comparing Pins

Ronda has some of her favorite Trinket Pins placed a pin cushion made from a vintage cup and saucer. I have my favorite Trinket Pins placed in a pin cushion made from a vintage planter.

Studio Comparing Decor

Ronda has vintage and non-vintage treasures randomly placed on shelves. I have vintage and non-vintage items scattered all around my studio.

Studio Comparing Aprons

Ronda hangs her aprons on the wall, mine hangs on a chair. Ronda wears a full apron. I wear a half apron. She is messy. I am not.

Studio Comparing Typewriters

We both have an Underwood typewriter. Mine is black and Ronda’s is red. I laughed when I saw her typewriter as it just confirmed even more how she is all color and I’m all neutral. We stay true to our style even with typewriters.

Studio Comparing Glitter

We both use glass glitter and have them stored in salt and pepper shakers. You can see who uses glass glitter the most.

Studio Comparing Supplies

We both use Stickles, Alcohol Inks and Adirondack Paint Dabbers although she has hers neatly lined up on shelves and I have mine tossed in drawers. I found this interesting since she is such a messy artist (has mists flying all over) and I’m a very clean artist. We certainly swapped the neat and tidy when it came to storage.

Studio Comparing Trims

We both keep our trims on a shelf. I usually go for vintage cream colored trim. Ronda goes for white so she can create the color trim she wants with mists, paints and inks.

Ronda's Window

Ronda’s windows have shades and can be opened to let the cool Colorado air inside.

My window

My window has lace curtains and windows that never open because all that would enter is hot Texas air and bugs.  Oh how I envy her living in Colorado. 


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