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May 23, 2013

Delight In The Art of Collage

I real­ly have no words to describe the excite­ment I feel over know­ing “Delight In The Art of Col­lage” is avail­able for PRE-ORDER on Ama­zon. This book pushed me cre­ative­ly in ways I would have nev­er imag­ined. But in order to grow as an artist you must push past your com­fort zone. There were days I thought I would nev­er ever have anoth­er cre­ative idea come to mind but they did and here I sit with book 3. This cre­ative jour­ney, as well as the oth­er two I’ve been on was filled with days of self doubt, ela­tion, frus­tra­tion, hap­py dances, I’m nev­er ever writ­ing anoth­er book again, this would be a great idea for book 4, call­ing my super awe­some edi­tor Kristy Con­lin in pure pan­ic mode and so on. But in the end a book that I’m so proud of came to be and get­ting to share it with you all is going to be amaz­ing.

My goal was to cre­ate a book that would inspire you as an artist, wel­come you into the amaz­ing world of col­lage, teach you mixed media tech­niques and show you the joys of tak­ing dis­card­ed objects and turn­ing them into stun­ning pieces of assem­blage style art. While in Ohio pho­tograph­ing the step outs of each project it was then that I squealed in delight as I real­ized I accom­plished all I had hoped this book would be. As I watched F+W Media employ­ees trick­le in to the stu­dio to say hi, then look over my art and reply with such kind words, I final­ly felt I could breathe. These peo­ple are bru­tal­ly hon­est in a kind way of course, well as kind as they can be but they don’t sug­ar coat any­thing in this indus­try.

You can PRE-ORDER your copy of “Delight In The Art of Col­lage” on AMAZON HERE. Pre-order­ing allows you to be one of the very first to receive a copy. And if you need to com­plete your “Delight Tril­o­gy  as I like to call them and be eli­gi­ble for AMAZON’S FREE SHIPPING, order your copy of Delight In The Sea­sons HERE and or Delight In The Details HERE when you pre-order your copy of Delight In The Art of Col­lage.


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