Down the Mountain we go with me kicking & screaming I might add

May 2, 2013

Leaving Estes Park

Hon­est­ly, do you blame me for leav­ing Estes Park kick­ing and scream­ing like a two year old? I mean real­ly, look at this view… just stun­ning. But it was kin­da odd in an awe­some way,  tak­ing pho­tos while stand­ing in the snow wear­ing short sleeves and feel­ing com­plete­ly com­fort­able. It was my kin­da weath­er.

Down the mountain

On the way back to Ron­da’s house she took me to Long­mont. This town had the coolest mosaics, an awe­some used book store and a super cool bead store that sad­ly was going out busi­ness. But I scored some awe­some finds for my upcom­ing col­lage kits. If you love to col­lage using vin­tage finds well, you are going to LOVE these kits. We are talk­ing all kinds of vin­tage inspi­ra­tion just wait­ing to be re-pur­posed into art pieces.… by you!


This mosa­ic is quite unique. The edges of the piece are all bro­ken pieces of plates and mugs. I think Ron­da took a close up of some so I will snag a pho­to from her as you just have got to see how cool it is. I got side­tracked on the ceram­ic bird in the swirl along with all the flo­ral ceram­ic pieces. I tell you this piece is gor­geous. I wish you all could see it in per­son.

Mosaic close up

The mosaics below were part of a sculp­ture. The sun was so bright on the piece that I just focused on the mosaics. Which to me were the pret­ti­est parts of the sculp­ture. Look at how each side is dif­fer­ent. I real­ly wish I had the plates with all the flow­ers. They are stun­ning.

Mosaic side 1

Mosaic side 2

I think the pieces with the vin­tage look­ing labels are so cute mixed in with the flo­ral pieces. I see so much inspi­ra­tion in these lit­tle lit­tle mosaics… col­or com­bi­na­tions, mix­ing pat­terns and even sto­ry telling. My sto­ry telling of my Col­orado vis­it, as Ron­da took me all over to see the beau­ti­ful land­scape of Col­orado (flower pieces), we went thrift shop­ping and antiquing (vin­tage labels), I taught in Estes Park (sil­hou­ette of deer and pine trees) and the burnt orange red, gold and green col­or com­bo is one I saw a lot on build­ings.

Mosaic side three

Recycled Art

This win­dow dis­play was awe­some. It’s cre­at­ed entire­ly from recy­cled items. Between Ron­da and I tak­ing pho­tos of it I do believe every sin­gle square inch was pho­tographed.

Recycled Art Close Up

The mur­al back­drop was paint­ed incred­i­bly well. I love the col­ors used… the blues are incred­i­ble and the bun­nies along the hill­side remind me of PEEPS.

Recycled Art Close Up two

The roost­er, hen and chicks are all made out of cere­al box­es, cut out and sewn togeth­er then paint­ed beau­ti­ful­ly. I love that the paint is just trans­par­ent enough to see the cere­al box labels. As you can see it was a great after­noon to roam around Long­mon­t’s quaint down­town.


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