Down the Mountain we go with me kicking & screaming I might add

May 2, 2013

Leaving Estes Park

Honestly, do you blame me for leaving Estes Park kicking and screaming like a two year old? I mean really, look at this view… just stunning. But it was kinda odd in an awesome way,  taking photos while standing in the snow wearing short sleeves and feeling completely comfortable. It was my kinda weather.

Down the mountain

On the way back to Ronda’s house she took me to Longmont. This town had the coolest mosaics, an awesome used book store and a super cool bead store that sadly was going out business. But I scored some awesome finds for my upcoming collage kits. If you love to collage using vintage finds well, you are going to LOVE these kits. We are talking all kinds of vintage inspiration just waiting to be re-purposed into art pieces…. by you!


This mosaic is quite unique. The edges of the piece are all broken pieces of plates and mugs. I think Ronda took a close up of some so I will snag a photo from her as you just have got to see how cool it is. I got sidetracked on the ceramic bird in the swirl along with all the floral ceramic pieces. I tell you this piece is gorgeous. I wish you all could see it in person.

Mosaic close up

The mosaics below were part of a sculpture. The sun was so bright on the piece that I just focused on the mosaics. Which to me were the prettiest parts of the sculpture. Look at how each side is different. I really wish I had the plates with all the flowers. They are stunning.

Mosaic side 1

Mosaic side 2

I think the pieces with the vintage looking labels are so cute mixed in with the floral pieces. I see so much inspiration in these little little mosaics… color combinations, mixing patterns and even story telling. My story telling of my Colorado visit, as Ronda took me all over to see the beautiful landscape of Colorado (flower pieces), we went thrift shopping and antiquing (vintage labels), I taught in Estes Park (silhouette of deer and pine trees) and the burnt orange red, gold and green color combo is one I saw a lot on buildings.

Mosaic side three

Recycled Art

This window display was awesome. It’s created entirely from recycled items. Between Ronda and I taking photos of it I do believe every single square inch was photographed.

Recycled Art Close Up

The mural backdrop was painted incredibly well. I love the colors used… the blues are incredible and the bunnies along the hillside remind me of PEEPS.

Recycled Art Close Up two

The rooster, hen and chicks are all made out of cereal boxes, cut out and sewn together then painted beautifully. I love that the paint is just transparent enough to see the cereal box labels. As you can see it was a great afternoon to roam around Longmont’s quaint downtown.


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