Melt Art Mania

May 30, 2013



Melt Art Mania


This give­away is now CLOSED and the win­ner has been announced HERE. Thank you all for the won­der­ful com­ments.

I was thrilled when Ranger asked me to par­tic­i­pate in their Melt Art Mania event. All they asked was that I cre­ate a project using their melt­ing pot and any oth­er Melt Art prod­ucts. If this is the first you’ve heard about their Melt Art Mania event go check out their blog. Start­ing May 15th, Ranger has fea­tured some of the most amaz­ing projects and tuto­ri­als cre­at­ed by artists from all over using prod­ucts from their Melt Art line. I decid­ed to fea­ture their Melt­ing Pot, Tex­ture Treads, Bees Wax and Ultra Thick Emboss­ing Enam­el ~ UTEE.

I love the feel and col­or of Nat­ur­al Bees Wax and had my mind set on cre­at­ing a thin tex­tured Bees Wax back­ground for a mini can­vas. The issue I kept encoun­ter­ing was once the Bees Wax set on the Tex­ture Tread it was hard to remove. As soon as I start­ed peel­ing the Bees Wax from the Tex­ture Tread it would stick or tear apart. Well with a lot of tri­al and error I final­ly fig­ured out how to get the awe­some embossed design found on the Flo­ral Flour­ish Tex­ture Tread using Bees Wax. So to save you all the tri­al and error I went through, today I’m shar­ing my Pli­able Bees Wax Tech­nique.

Melt Art Maina

Sup­plies Need­ed: Non-Stick Craft Sheet, Heat It Craft Tool, Melt­ing Pot, Melt Art Tex­ture Tread ~ Flo­ral Flour­ish, Nat­ur­al Bees Wax, Ultra Thick Emboss­ing Enam­el


Step 1

  • Place melt­ing pot onto a Non-Stick Craft Sheet, melt Bees Wax in melt­ing pot as instruct­ed by man­u­fac­tur­er. 
  • Place Tex­ture Tread onto Non-Stick Craft Sheet, using a nat­ur­al bris­tle brush apply melt­ed Bees Wax onto Tex­ture Tread. Apply enough Bees Wax onto the Tex­ture Tread so the entire design is cov­ered with Bees Wax.
  • Using a Heat It Craft Tool warm the Bees Wax on the Tex­ture Tread and sprin­kle a thin lay­er of UTEE on top of the Bees Wax as shown above.
  • Using your fin­ger CAREFULLY press the UTEE into the warm Bees Wax. Tap off excess UTEE.

Step 2

  • Using a Heat It Craft Tool, melt the UTEE on top of the Bees Wax until the UTEE is melt­ed. 

Step 3

  • While the UTEE is melt­ed sprin­kle anoth­er thin lay­er of UTEE on top of the melt­ed Bees Wax and UTEE, tap off excess UTEE. NOTE: Since the UTEE is HOT the UTEE gran­ules will attach to the UTEE. DO NOT press them into the melt­ed UTEE with your fin­ger. Melt­ed UTEE will BURN YOU!

Step 4

  • Using a Heat It Craft Tool heat the Bees Wax and UTEE until the UTEE is melt­ed and looks clear.
  • Now let the mix­ture cool com­plete­ly. This is very impor­tant. Just walk away from the table.

Step 5

  • Once the Bees Wax and UTEE have com­plete­ly cooled slow­ly and patient­ly begin peel­ing the Bees Wax and UTEE mix­ture from the Tex­ture Tread. 

Step 6

Now you have a beau­ti­ful Bees Wax back­ground per­fect to use on any project. What I love about this type of back­ground is it’s not per­fect. You can see bub­bles in the wax and lit­tle holes here and there but these imper­fec­tions are what make it so per­fect.

To size the back­ground piece for my mini can­vas I care­ful­ly pulled and pinched some of the Bees Wax from around the edges. I want­ed the edges to be ran­dom so this worked beau­ti­ful­ly. If you want crisp edges you can trim them with scis­sors or a craft knife. You can leave the back­ground in it’s nat­ur­al Bees Wax state or accent it with Per­fect Pearls as I did for my mini can­vas.

Background Close Up

Melt Art Mania Mini Canvas

Here is a recipe card I cre­at­ed for you to print out and keep on hand to ref­er­ence this tech­nique in the future.

Lisa's Pliable Bees Wax Technique Card

And check this out… for a chance to win this awe­some prize pack­age by Ranger leave a com­ment on this blog post no lat­er than mid­night CST June 2nd and I will have Ans­ley pick a win­ner June 3rd. Good Luck!

Melt Art Prize Pack

Prize pack­age includes, 2 tex­ture treads, 1 set of heat-it inks, an 8oz. jar of clear UTEE, Melt Art Project Craft Sheet.


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