Melt Art Mania

May 30, 2013



Melt Art Mania


This giveaway is now CLOSED and the winner has been announced HERE. Thank you all for the wonderful comments.

I was thrilled when Ranger asked me to participate in their Melt Art Mania event. All they asked was that I create a project using their melting pot and any other Melt Art products. If this is the first you’ve heard about their Melt Art Mania event go check out their blog. Starting May 15th, Ranger has featured some of the most amazing projects and tutorials created by artists from all over using products from their Melt Art line. I decided to feature their Melting Pot, Texture Treads, Bees Wax and Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel ~ UTEE.

I love the feel and color of Natural Bees Wax and had my mind set on creating a thin textured Bees Wax background for a mini canvas. The issue I kept encountering was once the Bees Wax set on the Texture Tread it was hard to remove. As soon as I started peeling the Bees Wax from the Texture Tread it would stick or tear apart. Well with a lot of trial and error I finally figured out how to get the awesome embossed design found on the Floral Flourish Texture Tread using Bees Wax. So to save you all the trial and error I went through, today I’m sharing my Pliable Bees Wax Technique.

Melt Art Maina

Supplies Needed: Non-Stick Craft Sheet, Heat It Craft Tool, Melting Pot, Melt Art Texture Tread ~ Floral Flourish, Natural Bees Wax, Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel


Step 1

  • Place melting pot onto a Non-Stick Craft Sheet, melt Bees Wax in melting pot as instructed by manufacturer. 
  • Place Texture Tread onto Non-Stick Craft Sheet, using a natural bristle brush apply melted Bees Wax onto Texture Tread. Apply enough Bees Wax onto the Texture Tread so the entire design is covered with Bees Wax.
  • Using a Heat It Craft Tool warm the Bees Wax on the Texture Tread and sprinkle a thin layer of UTEE on top of the Bees Wax as shown above.
  • Using your finger CAREFULLY press the UTEE into the warm Bees Wax. Tap off excess UTEE.

Step 2

  • Using a Heat It Craft Tool, melt the UTEE on top of the Bees Wax until the UTEE is melted. 

Step 3

  • While the UTEE is melted sprinkle another thin layer of UTEE on top of the melted Bees Wax and UTEE, tap off excess UTEE. NOTE: Since the UTEE is HOT the UTEE granules will attach to the UTEE. DO NOT press them into the melted UTEE with your finger. Melted UTEE will BURN YOU!

Step 4

  • Using a Heat It Craft Tool heat the Bees Wax and UTEE until the UTEE is melted and looks clear.
  • Now let the mixture cool completely. This is very important. Just walk away from the table.

Step 5

  • Once the Bees Wax and UTEE have completely cooled slowly and patiently begin peeling the Bees Wax and UTEE mixture from the Texture Tread. 

Step 6

Now you have a beautiful Bees Wax background perfect to use on any project. What I love about this type of background is it’s not perfect. You can see bubbles in the wax and little holes here and there but these imperfections are what make it so perfect.

To size the background piece for my mini canvas I carefully pulled and pinched some of the Bees Wax from around the edges. I wanted the edges to be random so this worked beautifully. If you want crisp edges you can trim them with scissors or a craft knife. You can leave the background in it’s natural Bees Wax state or accent it with Perfect Pearls as I did for my mini canvas.

Background Close Up

Melt Art Mania Mini Canvas

Here is a recipe card I created for you to print out and keep on hand to reference this technique in the future.

Lisa's Pliable Bees Wax Technique Card

And check this out… for a chance to win this awesome prize package by Ranger leave a comment on this blog post no later than midnight CST June 2nd and I will have Ansley pick a winner June 3rd. Good Luck!

Melt Art Prize Pack

Prize package includes, 2 texture treads, 1 set of heat-it inks, an 8oz. jar of clear UTEE, Melt Art Project Craft Sheet.


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