Delight In The Art of Collage Kit 1 ~ Antiquated

May 6, 2013

Delight In The Art of Collage Kit 1 ~ Antiquated
I’m super excit­ed to tell you about my new col­lage kits, Delight In The Art of Col­lage. Each month­ly kit will be filled with lots of awe­some vin­tage (most­ly vin­tage) and non-vin­tage finds I’ve been col­lect­ing for quite some time. I final­ly feel as though I have enough con­tents in my stash to cre­ate some real­ly unique month­ly col­lage kits. Although if you ask Alan, he will tell you he’s felt I’ve had enough for quite some time.

As an added Bonus, I’m includ­ing a PDF of a project I cre­at­ed using some of the kit con­tents. The Bonus PDF will be emailed to you.

To me, there is noth­ing like cre­at­ing with dis­card­ed items and giv­ing them new life. It does­n’t mat­ter if you cre­ate col­lage can­vas­es, jew­el­ry, home decor items, mini albums, altered jour­nals, cards etc. these kits will work per­fect­ly for any style and any project. At this time, I will not have sub­scrip­tions and plan to keep my col­lage kits lim­it­ed in quan­ti­ty. This means… if you like the kit, you best pur­chase the kit or you will miss out on the kit. Once it’s sold out there will be no more.

The fun thing about these kits is if you have a love for vin­tage but not nec­es­sar­i­ly the dig­ging part I’ll be doing all the dirty work for you. I love the thrill of the hunt and this is the one and only time I don’t mind get­ting my hands dirty. I plan on hit­ting as many flea mar­kets as I can to stock up on unique items I feel you will love to work into your vin­tage inspired cre­ations.

Each Kit is only $19.95 with Flat Rate Ship­ping at $5.50. I’ll post on my blog a few days in advance each month to let you know when a new kit is avail­able.

Delight In The Art of Col­lage Kit 1 ~ Anti­quat­ed ~ Con­tents
15 — K. Wolens Depart­ment Store Gold Stamps (30 if you count the back)
1 – Vin­tage Music Pupil’s Les­son Book & Prac­tice Record Sheet
1 Page – 1942 The Observer’s Book of British Wild Flow­ers (flow­ers will vary)
1 — Stan­ley Home Prod­ucts Receipt Set (store copy, car­bon copy, cus­tomer copy)
1 – Laven­der Paper Flower Bunch (5 flow­ers)
1 – Cream Iri­des­cent Leaf
3 – Vin­tage Milk Caps (assort­ed)
1 – Vin­tage Wood Domi­no
4 – Paper Doilies (2 Alter­able, 1 Dic­tio­nary, 1 Music Sheet)
1 – 1942 Square Dance Card (cards will vary)
1 – Yard Orange Twine
1 – Yard Vin­tage Scal­lop Lace
1 – Yard Gold Seam Bind­ing
7 – Assort­ed Vin­tage Wall­pa­per, Music Sheet & Flocked Paper Pieces (1 each design)
3 – Vin­tage Hand­writ­ing Tablet Tags (3 dif­fer­ent sizes)
10 – Vin­tage Shell But­tons (assort­ed shapes & sizes)

Click HERE to pur­chase.

Delight In The Art of Collage Kit 1 Antiquated Close Up

Delight In The Art of Collage Kit 1 ~ Antiquated Close Up

I hope you like what you see as I had such a fun time putting every­thing togeth­er.


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