Creative Weekend at Rocky Mountain Memories

May 1, 2013

Friday afternoon, I taught the Afternoon Tea class, which was loads of fun. Everyone created a mini album and cuff. The one thing I truly love about teaching is even though everyone has the same supplies and products, no two finished projects ever look the same. Each person incorporates their own little flare and style to their pieces. Teaching is one of my favorite things to do and being able to teach at such a wonderfully awesome store with super friendly people makes it even more fun.

Afternoon Tea ~ RMM

everyone busy at work

In the “Afternoon Tea” class everyone was hand stitching, stamping, stenciling, inking, painting, gluing and metal stamping. And in all the excitement I completely forgot to get photos of their finished projects. Such a bummer as each mini album and cuff were gorgeous and so unique.

Stacy is a hoot!

There were so many laughs during both classes and most of them came from comments made by Stacy. The first funny quote was Friday, afternoon when Stacy said,  “Lisa needs an interpreter for squirrel.” This came because I get so excited teaching and when this happens I talk really really fast because one, I don’t want to forget what I want to tell them and two, I want to share as many tips as I can during class and Cheryl did the best impersonation of me. She had all my mannerisms and fast talking down to a “t” it was so funny!

Demo & Make n Takes

After a wonderful dinner Friday night, at Mama Rose’s Restaurant with Cheryl, Rick and a group of ladies in class we headed back to Rocky Mountain Memories for a fun filled evening of make n takes and demos. Ronda and I shared all kinds of tips and ideas on what you could do with chipboard embellishments, canvas tags, kraft tags, fabric tape, twine cording, wood embellishments, ribbon and trims, paint, alcohol inks, stamps, mists and more… seriously we had a creative frenzy of fun for two solid hours.

Demo & Make n Takes

Cheryl, Me, Ronda & Suzanne

These two ladies were such a delight to chat with, Cheryl (good Cheryl as she is called or calls herself I’m not sure which) was so funny. She too has a funny story about spanx so you can imagine the laughter that was going on after Ronda and I shared our funny stories. We all have given up on spanx. After taking photos Ronda and I headed back to “Redemption Cabin” and pretty much passed out. That little cabin is a slice of heaven… quaint and cozy.

Rocky & Bullwinkle

Saturday morning, Ronda and I once again documented our stay and headed to RMM for day two of teaching. This class was the Floral Chic Flower Technique Card Class. They created with vintage images from papers I’ve been collecting, stenciled over them using inks and paint then created flowers using alterable trim, zipper trim, tulle, tu-tu tulle, lace and fabric yo yo’s created by my mom.

Stacy was on it again with another awesome quote, which gave me some great ammo to use on Ronda. But first you all need to know that my nickname is squirrel because I talk really fast, get easily side tracked and will run off to help someone and forget to finish my sentence. So honestly I earned the name and represent it oh so well. And I figure I might as well laugh and make the best of it because it is what it is… right. And because of this lovely nickname I now have a growing miniature ceramic squirrel collection as well as acorn and squirrel charms that have been given to me by wonderful friends. The little cutie below is one Ronda found for me while we were shopping in Estes Park. It’s Lomonosov Porcelain which is hand cast, hand painted and I LOVE it!


So back to Stacy, (are you kinda understanding why my nickname is squirrel) Saturday morning, Stacy asked me this awesome question, “Lisa who is Rocky the squirrel’s companion? To which I replied BULLWINKLE” so now Ronda and I are known as Rocky and Bullwinkle. We’ve laughed so hard over our new nicknames. The name fits Ronda really well because she can do the best Bullwinkle voice. I would never ever do that because I would be so embarrassed and have to hide under a rock or more appropriately in a tree.

Floral Chic Card Class

During this class I remembered to take photos while they were creating and of some of the completed card sets. I loved seeing how different each of them turned out.


Stamping & painting

Stenciling with inks

Stenciling with paint

A few completed cards

A few more completed cards

Once every one finished their cards I signed a few remaining books Cheryl had in her store then took good- bye photos with her and Susan. I will truly l miss this store and all the awesome people so much. I hope to return again.

Book Signing

Cheryl & Me ~ I will be back

Me & Susan

Hugs to you all and thank you for making me feel so at home in your amazing town.

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