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May 3, 2013

Ronda at work

After teaching at Cheryl’s awesome store Rocky Mountain Memories, Ronda and I had a few days of creative play and a day of major thrifting and antiquing. Oh my goodness did we ever find amazing items that I cannot wait to show you but that is for another day. Today, is all about creative play. It amuses me that Ronda and I like most of the same products just in different colors. The one thing that we are way opposite on are the liquid products… sprays, mists, paints etc. I like these but use them in a far more controlled manner. But Ronda… not Ronda she has mists and paints flying all over the place and purchases Gesso by the gallon.

I had to snap the above photo of her working as it really amused me. Her hands had gesso, paint and mist all over them… mine, well not so much… EVER!  So while she was getting messy at one end of her worktable I was sitting at the other end learning and practicing stamp carving. I’ve always wanted to try this so Ronda gave me some tips and pointers and pretty much told me to get started.

Stamp Carving

Stamp carving is super fun and really easy for beginners. In the above photo I was carving a little girl holding a balloon. She came out so cute and I can’t wait to show you. The little girl image was on a card Ronda has hanging on this super cool gate in her studio. The little birdie stamp is one I drew freehand and carved. Ronda took the stamp, colored all over it with Distress Inks and misted it with water so when stamped, it looked like watercolor. She did this because I didn’t like the wing and was about to toss it in the trash. She thought stamping it would make me like it better but I got news for her… that over carved spot on the wing still bugs me. I’m going to try to embrace the imperfection and do something to it to make me like it more.

Little Birdie


I see lots more stamp carving in my future. Give it a try. I think you’ll love it.


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