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May 21, 2013

If there is one embell­ish­ment that is my go to embell­ish­ment it has to be vin­tage but­tons. I can always find ways to use but­tons on any type project. And if you don’t believe me, well I have the pho­tos to prove it. Just take a look at all the dif­fer­ent type projects I’ve stuck a but­ton or in most cas­es but­tons on.

Mini Album Sampler

Clear vin­tage glass but­tons and vin­tage shell but­tons accent the cov­er of this mini sam­pler album.

Hemp Bracelet

Engraved vin­tage moth­er of pearl but­tons adorn this hemp bracelet.

Bees Wax Canvas

But­tons are encased into this nat­ur­al bees wax col­lage can­vas.

Collage Canvas

I attached but­tons to the met­al spoon with embroi­dery floss and to the can­vas back­ground using a strong clear dry­ing liq­uid adhe­sive.

Dress Form

But­tons are the per­fect accent for this chick­en wire skirt.

Cup Cozy

Hand sewn but­tons add dimen­sion to this cup cozy.

Flower Center

 And but­tons make great flower cen­ters.


As well as accent the cen­ter of scal­lop square embell­ish­ments beau­ti­ful­ly.

Award Center

They are per­fect to accent the cen­ter of hand­made rib­bon award embell­ish­ments.

Button Flowers

Small col­ored but­tons make per­fect lit­tle flow­ers when using 24 gauge wire to cre­ate flower stems and leaves.

Shadow Box Accent

And but­tons are per­fect accents to adorn any themed shad­ow box.

If you have a seri­ous love for but­tons and would like to use some in your projects I have a 1/4 Pound Antique But­ton Mix avail­able in my online store. To get all the details click HERE.

Vintage Buttons


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