Button Love

May 21, 2013

If there is one embellishment that is my go to embellishment it has to be vintage buttons. I can always find ways to use buttons on any type project. And if you don’t believe me, well I have the photos to prove it. Just take a look at all the different type projects I’ve stuck a button or in most cases buttons on.

Mini Album Sampler

Clear vintage glass buttons and vintage shell buttons accent the cover of this mini sampler album.

Hemp Bracelet

Engraved vintage mother of pearl buttons adorn this hemp bracelet.

Bees Wax Canvas

Buttons are encased into this natural bees wax collage canvas.

Collage Canvas

I attached buttons to the metal spoon with embroidery floss and to the canvas background using a strong clear drying liquid adhesive.

Dress Form

Buttons are the perfect accent for this chicken wire skirt.

Cup Cozy

Hand sewn buttons add dimension to this cup cozy.

Flower Center

 And buttons make great flower centers.


As well as accent the center of scallop square embellishments beautifully.

Award Center

They are perfect to accent the center of handmade ribbon award embellishments.

Button Flowers

Small colored buttons make perfect little flowers when using 24 gauge wire to create flower stems and leaves.

Shadow Box Accent

And buttons are perfect accents to adorn any themed shadow box.

If you have a serious love for buttons and would like to use some in your projects I have a 1/4 Pound Antique Button Mix available in my online store. To get all the details click HERE.

Vintage Buttons


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