The Art of Pen Pals

May 24, 2013

Art of Pen Pals

Those of you who fol­low me on face­book and/or Insta­gram might have seen this pho­to. It shows a small sneak peek of my cre­ative post­card, artis­ti­cal­ly you. This fun projects is part of Ron­da Palaz­zari’s super cool online work­shop, “The Art of Pen Pals”. This work­shop filled up fast but don’t fear if you want to par­tic­i­pate in the sec­ond round of this awe­some work­shop I believe she is doing it again in Sep­tem­ber. When she has a set date for reg­is­tra­tion I’ll make sure to let you know as it’s real­ly fun. I’m going to beg her to please let me do it again.

In this work­shop, you send cre­ative post­cards to your pen pal along with a let­ter in an enve­lope that you cre­ate your­self (don’t know how to cre­ate an enve­lope, well no wor­ries as Ron­da has an enve­lope tem­plate includ­ed in this work­shop) or one you already have that you dec­o­rate. Don’t freak out about dec­o­rat­ing the enve­lope. Ron­da gives you lots of ideas. Seri­ous­ly, she has thought of every­thing.

This months theme was “Get­ting to know you”. Ron­da pro­vid­ed a PDF that has a per­fect­ly sized face with eyes and a nose for you to print out and turn into you! The sky is the lim­it on cre­at­ing your artis­ti­cal­ly you post­card. She then has you write a few fun facts about your­self on the back, again she has all that fig­ured out with fun ques­tions for you to answer. Are you start­ing to see how fun this work­shop is and why I want to do it again. I can­not wait for June 1st as this is when she will reveal our next theme.

Artistically You Postcard

This is the post­card I cre­at­ed for my pen pal. I think it’s a pret­ty accu­rate depic­tion of me. Green eyes, shim­mery eye­shad­ow (per­fect pearls), false eye­lash­es, shim­mery lip­stick (per­fect pearls), lay­ered hair (book page and per­fect pearls), sparse eye­brows (Sharpie), sim­ple t‑shirt (paint), col­lage back­ground, type­writer font alpha­bet stamp set, scal­lop bor­ders, Plat­inum (scal­lop edge) & Dia­mond Stick­les (eye catch light, flow­ers and but­ter­fly.

Artistically You Close Up

I kept my enve­lope close to my style as well. But I must admit at first I was kin­da freak­ing out and was over think­ing the alter­ing of the enve­lope a bit then remind­ed myself to stay true to my style so I die cut some doilies from vin­tage sheet music and kraft paper. Then I applied adhe­sive to the back of each doily using my awe­some Xyron machine. This is the BEST way to apply adhe­sive to doilies. I did­n’t take a pho­to of the front of the enve­lope since it showed my pen pals address. I don’t think she would appre­ci­ate me plas­ter­ing her address all over the inter­net so just imag­ine doilies on the front too.

Altered Envelope


This is the “Artis­ti­cal­ly You” post­card I received from my pen pal. I love it.  It was so excit­ing see­ing her enve­lope inside my mail­box. I love how she dec­o­rat­ed her enve­lope. And while read­ing her let­ter I real­ized we have sim­i­lar inter­ests. So, so fun. Come on June.

The Art of Pen Pals


The Art of Pen Pals



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