Stained Glass Boiled Eggs

Apr 1, 2013

Ans­ley and I had so much fun mak­ing these eggs, last night. She heard about this stained glass tech­nique for boiled eggs and want­ed to give it a try. After she explained it to me I had to see if it real­ly worked so off to the store we went to get some eggs and neon col­ored food col­or­ing because well that is how Ans­ley rolls. No vin­tage col­ors for this girl. It’s bright neon or noth­ing for her. I can’t believe I birthed two daugh­ters that want noth­ing to do with any­thing vin­tage. How did this hap­pen?

To make your stained glass eggs you will need the fol­low­ing: boiled eggs, food col­or­ing, vine­gar & Ziploc sand­wich bags

Boil eggs

First boil as many eggs as you want to make and let them cool. We ran cold water over the top of ours after they fin­ished boil­ing. No way were we going to be patient enough to wait for them to cool on their own.

cracked egg

Gen­tly roll the boiled eggs on the counter until the shells are com­plete­ly cracked. Make sure the shell does not come off. It needs to remain on the egg.

Add dye

Place three eggs into a sand­wich sized Ziploc bag­gie, drop three to four drops of food col­or­ing onto each egg. Seal the bag and gen­tly rub the food col­or­ing onto all areas of the eggs. You do not want to see any white egg shell.

wait 20 min.

Let the eggs sit in the bag­gies for 20 min. Using a Sharpie we wrote the time each bag­gie was ready to be peeled on the bag­gie.

rinse the egg

Note: If you do not want to end up with col­ored hands wear gloves. Before peel­ing the egg, rinse it with cold water to allow the food col­or­ing to come out of the egg, then pour some vine­gar all over the egg. This will help set the food col­or­ing. It real­ly does mat­ter. We did it with and with­out the vine­gar and you could tell a dif­fer­ence. Rinse off the vine­gar with cold water and care­ful­ly peel your egg.

stained glass boiled egg

Once you fin­ish peel­ing your egg it will look like this. If you do not use vine­gar the white part of the egg is not as white because the food col­or­ing bleeds onto the white mak­ing it a pas­tel ver­sion of the dark­er col­or. It still looks pret­ty, we just pre­ferred ours white.

finished stained glass boiled eggs

Here is a pho­to of how ours turned out. Ans­ley is going to make these with Made­lyn and Bel­lie when they come to vis­it this sum­mer. She is going to tell them they are drag­on eggs and make up some fun sto­ry. Then make egg sal­ad sand­wich­es with them for lunch. I can­not wait to help with this fun task.


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