Stained Glass Boiled Eggs

Apr 1, 2013

Ansley and I had so much fun making these eggs, last night. She heard about this stained glass technique for boiled eggs and wanted to give it a try. After she explained it to me I had to see if it really worked so off to the store we went to get some eggs and neon colored food coloring because well that is how Ansley rolls. No vintage colors for this girl. It’s bright neon or nothing for her. I can’t believe I birthed two daughters that want nothing to do with anything vintage. How did this happen?

To make your stained glass eggs you will need the following: boiled eggs, food coloring, vinegar & Ziploc sandwich bags

Boil eggs

First boil as many eggs as you want to make and let them cool. We ran cold water over the top of ours after they finished boiling. No way were we going to be patient enough to wait for them to cool on their own.

cracked egg

Gently roll the boiled eggs on the counter until the shells are completely cracked. Make sure the shell does not come off. It needs to remain on the egg.

Add dye

Place three eggs into a sandwich sized Ziploc baggie, drop three to four drops of food coloring onto each egg. Seal the bag and gently rub the food coloring onto all areas of the eggs. You do not want to see any white egg shell.

wait 20 min.

Let the eggs sit in the baggies for 20 min. Using a Sharpie we wrote the time each baggie was ready to be peeled on the baggie.

rinse the egg

Note: If you do not want to end up with colored hands wear gloves. Before peeling the egg, rinse it with cold water to allow the food coloring to come out of the egg, then pour some vinegar all over the egg. This will help set the food coloring. It really does matter. We did it with and without the vinegar and you could tell a difference. Rinse off the vinegar with cold water and carefully peel your egg.

stained glass boiled egg

Once you finish peeling your egg it will look like this. If you do not use vinegar the white part of the egg is not as white because the food coloring bleeds onto the white making it a pastel version of the darker color. It still looks pretty, we just preferred ours white.

finished stained glass boiled eggs

Here is a photo of how ours turned out. Ansley is going to make these with Madelyn and Bellie when they come to visit this summer. She is going to tell them they are dragon eggs and make up some fun story. Then make egg salad sandwiches with them for lunch. I cannot wait to help with this fun task.


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