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Apr 26, 2013

Thrift Store Storage Finds

It’s no secret how much I love thrift store finds and the thrill of the hunt, I wish I could bot­tle up that feel­ing.  When scour­ing the shelves for items to use as stor­age and pho­to props I usu­al­ly have no clue what I’m look­ing but when I find some­thing I like I grab it. I don’t think I will ever have enough salt & pep­per shak­ers on hand. They are per­fect for stor­ing glass glit­ter or fill­ing with vin­tage but­tons. I have an idea in my head right now using them as a base for a project that I can­not wait to start work­ing on. I hope it comes out as well as I have it pic­tured in my head. I’ll let you know when it’s fin­ished.

The refrig­er­a­tor box is per­fect for stor­ing all kinds of prod­ucts.… trims, vin­tage but­tons, chip­board embell­ish­ments, cat eye chalk inks etc. The bowl is per­fect to hold your most used tools, flower embell­ish­ments, trims, twine, adhe­sives, thread, embroi­dery floss pret­ty much any­thing you want.

Thrift Store Props


This adorable Vel­co girl in the blue dress planter is my new paint brush hold­er. She reminds me of Cin­derel­la and I have a huge LOVE for Cin­derel­la. When my Ter­ri, Aman­da and Ans­ley were grow­ing up I would sit and watch that movie with them for as long as they want­ed…  the Fos­to­ria Sug­ar & Cream­er are per­fect to hold tiny baubles, mark­ers and pens. I will also use them for sub­tle back­ground pho­to props. The West­more­land bas­ket is my new embroi­dery floss hold­er, a few sewing nee­dles and my favorite micro-tip scis­sors. It’s the per­fect size to keep next to my com­fy blue chair that I love sit­ting in when doing some hand stitch­ing. And last this lit­tle boy fig­urine is the match to the lit­tle girl fig­urine that I love so much. I was thrilled when I found him. He’s going to be seen in lots of pho­tos. Just look at how cute they are stand­ing togeth­er.

Thrift Store figurines


Today and tomor­row, I’m teach­ing class­es in Estes Park, CO. Yes pinch me, yes I need to be liv­ing in CO, yes I’m going to head home kick­ing and scream­ing and yes, it’s not gonna be pret­ty.  This place is amaz­ing!



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