Up The Mountain

Apr 29, 2013

Heading to the mountains

Colorado ~ another amazing place to add to my “Traveling Apron” sampler. Thursday, afternoon Ronda drove me to Estes Park so I could teach a few classes at Rocky Mountain Memories. Cheryl suggested that as Ronda brought me to the store she take the scenic route through the mountains and goodness am I ever so grateful for the suggestion. The views were simply amazing. I could easily trade living in the suburbs and live in the Rocky Mountains. I’ve never felt so at home in all my life.

Ronda Ann taking photos

This is just one of the stops along the way to Cheryl’s store in Estes Park. The scenery was simply stunning. Every turn was truly a picture postcard view. I loved hearing all the birds singing and chirping as well as the water running down the stream. The crisp air was so refreshing and seeing snow still on the ground made the view even more picturesque.

Stops along the way

While Ronda and I were taking photos of the gorgeous view I decided we needed a photo of the two of us to mark the beginning of our adventure. Now mind you Ronda is the best at taking self portraits in one shot. Well this time it didn’t quite go as planned.

Me & Ronda Ann

Take one… out of focus… what! Ronda: OMGOSH my lens is coming off.

Me & Ronda Ann take 2

Take two… camera takes an unplanned photo.

Me & Ronda Ann Take 3

Take three… Me: Wait where do I look? Ronda: At the lens… and again camera takes another random photo.

Me & Ronda Ann Take 4

Take four… Ronda: ok the lens is on, remember no double chins, look at the lens, camera takes another unplanned photo. I burst into laughter.

Me & Ronda Ann Take 5

Take five… finally, a photo of two friends having a great time and enjoying the moment. Love it!

Stops along the way

St. Malo's Chapel On The Rock

This beautiful spot is Saint Malo’s Chapel on a Rock. It is just north of Allenspark, Colorado on Route 7. Mount Meeker is the backdrop for the Chapel and makes the view even more stunning.

There was a pretty funny moment prior to taking this photo. As we were driving along Route 7 I’m looking out the passenger side window and all of a sudden Ronda yells, OMGOSH, LOOK. Well I scream WHAT as I’m thinking we are about to hit an elk or something. Ronda points out her window and we see the stunning view of the chapel. Ronda quickly whips her car off to the side of the road which is when I nearly wet my pants because there is NO guard rail and well, I’m about 1 yard from the drop off of death. I ask her if it’s okay to park here because I’m thinking one little tap from an oncoming car and it’s the drop off of death for me. She assures me it’s fine and tells me to get my Texas self out of the car and not to make her mad or she’ll just push me over the edge. Which honestly it would only take a slight tap and I’d be wishing I was wearing a parachute.

After that entertaining moment I run across the street to take photos and as I’m looking around I see these really big tracks in the snow  down below. Well, me being me I ask her in a quite concerned voice. Ronda, what are those tracks down there… they look awfully big. Ronda in typical Ronda fashion holding her camera, turns her head and answers… the human kind. Then continues on taking more photos. I burst out laughing because honestly, I was about to hightail it back to the car as I had no clue what they were. Not one of my proudest moments but certainly one of my funnier moments.

Grazing Elk

As we drove into Estes Park we saw elk all over. They were grazing in fields, on the side of the road, eating bushes in yards, and stealing bird seed from feeders. It was truly an amazing site. Once we got to Cheryl’s store we unloaded all my class supplies, got a quick tour of Rocky Mountain Memories then we followed her to the cabin where Ronda and I spent the next few days.

Welcome to Redemption Cabin

Cheryl and her husband Rick renovated this cabin and did an amazing job at mixing the old and the new together. The name of the cabin is “Redemption Cabin” and I plan on doing an entire blog post about this quaint little place on my blog as it is perfect to stay at for any Estes Park visit or vacation.

Cabin view

This is the view as you walk out of the door of the cabin. Such a beautiful site and Friday, the sky was the bluest of blues, the air was light and crisp and the birds sang the most amazing songs. I was in love with Estes Park and I hadn’t even fully stepped out the door.

If you want to read Ronda’s view of our day you can read about it here. And FYI… Ronda has a great online workshop starting soon called “The Art of Pen Pals“. Registration begins today at 7 am Mountain Time. Click HERE to register as seating is limited.

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