Maya Road Guest Designer Call

Apr 13, 2013

Maya Road Guest Designer

LISTEN UP…. Did you know Maya Road is having a guest designer call?  If you didn’t well they are and the deadline is fast approaching so get your entry in BEFORE the 16th. The great thing about this guest designer opportunity is Maya Road is not requiring the projects for your guest designer application include Maya Road products. Maya Road just wants to see how well potential guest designers create. They want to see each applicants strengths as well as how each applicant photographs their application projects.

PHOTOGRAPHY will MAKE or BREAK you on this one so I highly recommend you visit the Maya Road DT blog and look at how the DT members photograph their projects.  If your projects cannot be showcased well in your photographs it really doesn’t matter how talented you are creatively because bad photos cannot be used… super sad face.

So grab what you feel is your best project(s), take high quality photographs, include the required information and send in your application, TODAY! Maya Road is looking for all types of creative talent and you just might be one of them.

Hugs and Good Luck!

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