Hemp & Vintage Button Bracelet

Apr 18, 2013

New favorite bracelet

This is my new favorite bracelet. I plan on wearing it every single day. If you want to make one it’s super simple. All you need is Dazzle-It Hemp and 10 vintage shell buttons (3 small, 3 medium, 4 large) and a pair of scissors.

Hemp & Vintage Button Bracelet

The first thing you need to do is measure your wrist, then double the length and this is how long you need to cut 5 strands of hemp. Hold the strands evenly at one end, create a loop and secure it in place with a knot as shown above. Note: This loop needs to be large enough so one of the larger buttons will go through it. This bracelet will have a toggle style closure.

Now thread one button onto three different strands of hemp, leaving two strands plain. Once all three (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large) buttons are strung onto the hemp secure them in place with a knot as shown below. Continue threading the remaining buttons 2 sets of small, medium, large buttons following the same steps as just stated.

Thread the last large button onto one strand of hemp and secure it in place by tightly knotting the strands together as close to the large button as possible. Using scissors, trim the remaining hemp strands to desired length.

Bracelet Closure

That’s all there is to it… loop, knot, thread, knot, thread, knot, thread, knot , thread, knot, trim. Ok, get to it and start making your own bracelet. I promise it is super fun.


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