Fabric Tape Flower Tutorial

Apr 10, 2013

Fabric Tape Flower

Here is a really fun flower to make using Maya Road Fabric Tape in Gingham Barn Red, Ocean Blue & Floral Garden. This little flower can be used in so many different types of projects and I have a feeling this is not the last flower I will create. Wouldn’t it look cute tied to the top of a package wrapped with butcher paper then tied with any of the awesome Maya Road Twine Cording. It could even be the main flower in a boutonniere or placed inside an altered wooden spool as a decor piece… so many ideas.

20 Gauge Wire

To begin making your flower you will need to create a petal form. Using wire cutters cut a piece of 20 gauge wire to 4 inches in length. Then about an inch from one end create a loop that is no wider than the fabric tape and twist the wires end to secure the loop in place.

Add Fabric Tape

Place the loop on top of the sticky part of the Barn Red Gingham Fabric Tape as shown above. Press the wire onto the Fabric Tape to make sure the wire attaches itself to the tape.

Fold Fabric Tape Over Wire

Fold the Fabric Tape over the top of the wire loop, using micro tip scissors trim the Fabric Tape ends so they are even. Using your finger firmly press the Fabric Tape all around the wire making sure the wire is securely attached to the Fabric Tape.

Trim the Fabric Tape

Using micro-tip scissors trim the excess Fabric Tape from around the wire loop, making sure not to trim too closely to the wire. You will repeat these steps 5 more times. You will need 6 petals to create one flower.

Finished Fabric Tape Flower

Once you create 6 petals arrange them so they form a circle as shown above and below. To create the center for your Fabric Tape Flower slide a Maya Road Crystal Trinket Pin down the middle of the petals. To secure your flower, starting at the base of the petals begin wrapping Gingham Barn Red Fabric Tape around the wire stem and continue wrapping all the way to the end of the flowers stem. Shape each petal by gently bending them downward.

Shape the Petals

Finished Fabric Tape Flower

Finished Mini Canvas

To recreate my mini canvas begin attaching strips of Maya Road Fabric Tape in Floral Garden to the entire top front of a 2″ x 4″ canvas then attach Maya Road Fabric Tape in Gingham Barn Red onto all four sides of the mini canvas. Using fabric adhesive attach two Maya Road Kraft White Tickets onto the front of the canvas. Using fabric adhesive attach the Fabric Tape Flower to the top center of the Kraft White Tickets. Next, while the adhesive is still wet, slide two Maya Road Vintage Button Pins underneath the Fabric Tape Flower. Accent the Fabric Tape Flower with a bow created from a strip of Maya Road Fabric Tape in Gingham Ocean Blue that has been trimmed slightly to make the strip a little narrower. Accent the center of the bow using a clear DoodleBug rhinestone. Ink and glitter the Maya Road Danielle Chipboard Letters “love” using Barn Red Distress Ink, Diamond Glaze and ultra fine red glitter. Once dry attach each letter to the bottom front of the canvas using fabric adhesive. Accent the front of your mini easel by attaching a Maya Road Vintage Mini Ruler to the front base using a strong liquid adhesive.

Please feel free to post any questions you might have in the comments section of this blog post. You never know… someone else might have the very same question.


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