Fabric Tape Flower Tutorial

Apr 10, 2013

Fabric Tape Flower

Here is a real­ly fun flower to make using Maya Road Fab­ric Tape in Ging­ham Barn Red, Ocean Blue & Flo­ral Gar­den. This lit­tle flower can be used in so many dif­fer­ent types of projects and I have a feel­ing this is not the last flower I will cre­ate. Would­n’t it look cute tied to the top of a pack­age wrapped with butch­er paper then tied with any of the awe­some Maya Road Twine Cord­ing. It could even be the main flower in a bou­ton­niere or placed inside an altered wood­en spool as a decor piece… so many ideas.

20 Gauge Wire

To begin mak­ing your flower you will need to cre­ate a petal form. Using wire cut­ters cut a piece of 20 gauge wire to 4 inch­es in length. Then about an inch from one end cre­ate a loop that is no wider than the fab­ric tape and twist the wires end to secure the loop in place.

Add Fabric Tape

Place the loop on top of the sticky part of the Barn Red Ging­ham Fab­ric Tape as shown above. Press the wire onto the Fab­ric Tape to make sure the wire attach­es itself to the tape.

Fold Fabric Tape Over Wire

Fold the Fab­ric Tape over the top of the wire loop, using micro tip scis­sors trim the Fab­ric Tape ends so they are even. Using your fin­ger firm­ly press the Fab­ric Tape all around the wire mak­ing sure the wire is secure­ly attached to the Fab­ric Tape.

Trim the Fabric Tape

Using micro-tip scis­sors trim the excess Fab­ric Tape from around the wire loop, mak­ing sure not to trim too close­ly to the wire. You will repeat these steps 5 more times. You will need 6 petals to cre­ate one flower.

Finished Fabric Tape Flower

Once you cre­ate 6 petals arrange them so they form a cir­cle as shown above and below. To cre­ate the cen­ter for your Fab­ric Tape Flower slide a Maya Road Crys­tal Trin­ket Pin down the mid­dle of the petals. To secure your flower, start­ing at the base of the petals begin wrap­ping Ging­ham Barn Red Fab­ric Tape around the wire stem and con­tin­ue wrap­ping all the way to the end of the flow­ers stem. Shape each petal by gen­tly bend­ing them down­ward.

Shape the Petals

Finished Fabric Tape Flower

Finished Mini Canvas

To recre­ate my mini can­vas begin attach­ing strips of Maya Road Fab­ric Tape in Flo­ral Gar­den to the entire top front of a 2″ x 4″ can­vas then attach Maya Road Fab­ric Tape in Ging­ham Barn Red onto all four sides of the mini can­vas. Using fab­ric adhe­sive attach two Maya Road Kraft White Tick­ets onto the front of the can­vas. Using fab­ric adhe­sive attach the Fab­ric Tape Flower to the top cen­ter of the Kraft White Tick­ets. Next, while the adhe­sive is still wet, slide two Maya Road Vin­tage But­ton Pins under­neath the Fab­ric Tape Flower. Accent the Fab­ric Tape Flower with a bow cre­at­ed from a strip of Maya Road Fab­ric Tape in Ging­ham Ocean Blue that has been trimmed slight­ly to make the strip a lit­tle nar­row­er. Accent the cen­ter of the bow using a clear Doo­dle­Bug rhine­stone. Ink and glit­ter the Maya Road Danielle Chip­board Let­ters “love” using Barn Red Dis­tress Ink, Dia­mond Glaze and ultra fine red glit­ter. Once dry attach each let­ter to the bot­tom front of the can­vas using fab­ric adhe­sive. Accent the front of your mini easel by attach­ing a Maya Road Vin­tage Mini Ruler to the front base using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive.

Please feel free to post any ques­tions you might have in the com­ments sec­tion of this blog post. You nev­er know… some­one else might have the very same ques­tion.


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