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Apr 8, 2013

One thing I love is being asked to cre­ate items with prod­ucts I have nev­er used before. I’m always up for the chal­lenge and get so excit­ed when the mys­tery prod­uct lands at my front door. I do have some­what of an idea of what prod­uct is com­ing just not the exact items so real­ly it is excit­ing. So when Car­mi Cim­i­ca­ta asked if I would be inter­est­ed in try­ing some Daz­zle-It prod­ucts I was pret­ty hap­py. Any­thing Car­mi is asso­ci­at­ed with I’m all in as Car­mi cre­ates some of the most amaz­ing jew­el­ry. If you’re not famil­iar with her blog Resin Crafts you can check it out here… you will be so amazed and inspired.

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Dazzle-It Products

When I received my enve­lope from Car­mi filled with these awe­some Daz­zle-It prod­ucts I was super pleased. The qual­i­ty of each of the items is real­ly nice. I loved the col­ors as they are col­or­ful but not super bold and have a nice dis­tressed feel to them. The great thing is I was able to make an item for each of my girls. The first item I cre­at­ed was a wrap bracelet for Ans­ley. I used the Orange Hemp, Semi-Pre­cious Chi­nese Sym­bol Mul­ti Beads and the Semi-Pre­cious Peace Sign 20mm Mul­ti Beads.

Dazzle-It Beads

I cut a piece of orange Hemp to 48″, at around the mid­dle point of the hemp I  cre­at­ed a loop just large enough to get one of the Chi­nese Sym­bol Beads to fit through. Then I thread the hemp through a Chi­nese Sym­bol Bead and knot­ted the hemp to secure the bead in place. I con­tin­ued to add the Chi­nese Sym­bol Beads to the hemp until 9 beads were secured. Note: To make thread­ing the beads a bit eas­i­er I rubbed a bees wax pel­let from the tip of the hemp to about an inch down. Then I tight­ly twist­ed the hemp. This gave the hemp some sta­bil­i­ty and made it much eas­i­er to thread.

Create loop then thread beads

Attaching the beads

After all 9 Chi­nese Sym­bol Beads were secured I start­ed attach­ing the Peace Sign Beads just as I did the Chi­nese Sym­bol Beads. I secured 5 Peace Sign Beads onto the Hemp, as shown below.

Peace Sign Beads

Once all 5 Peace Sign Beads were secured to the hemp I attached a Chi­nese Sym­bol Bead to the end then trimmed the ends of the hemp.

Attach Chinese Symbol Bead

This is what Ans­ley’s wrap bracelet will look like when she wears it wrapped around her wrist. It gives the illu­sion of wear­ing two dif­fer­ent bracelets.

Dazzle-It Wrap Bracelet

The next item I cre­at­ed was a charm for Ter­ri. This is a super easy charm to cre­ate that is per­fect to wear for spring, sum­mer or fall. First I arranged all the Orange Shell 6mm Dice Beads into the rec­tan­gle bezel. Once I was able to get the Orange Shell Dice Beads arranged into an 18mm x 30mm Sil­ver Rec­tan­gle Bezel I removed them in the order there were placed and set them aside.

I then mixed up a small batch of Envi­ro­Tex Jew­el­ry Clay per the man­u­fac­tur­ers instruc­tions. Once mixed I filled the bezel with the Jew­el­ry Clay then gen­tly pressed the Orange Shell Dice Beads into the Jew­el­ry Clay. Once all the beads were pressed into the jew­el­ry clay I applied a light coat­ing of Sun­flower Per­fect Pearls and set the charm aside to cure.

Shell Bead Charm

Here is what Ter­ri’s fin­ished charm looks like. It is sim­ple and clas­sic in style yet has a lit­tle funk to it, just like Ter­ri’s style.

Dazzle-It Charm

I hope these two very dif­fer­ent jew­el­ry tuto­ri­als inspired you to try some Daz­zle-It prod­ucts. I had a blast cre­at­ing with all of them.


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