Crop & Create ~ Winnipeg Recap

Apr 9, 2013

Crop & Create ~ Winnipeg

My goodness are you Canadians ever so lucky to have all the Scrapbook & Cards Today Crop & Create events available to you throughout the year. Catherine Tachdjian really knows how to put together an amazing event. There was not one little detail overlooked. Each table was draped, had a bouquet of fresh spring flowers, chocolates and an event schedule. She had make n takes for everyone to do if they wished Friday and Saturday nights, as well as an amazing dessert bar. I’m still thinking about this dessert bar. It was CRAZY insane amazing. The classes during the event were spaced nicely and every single person I met was so warm and welcoming. Truly awesome.

Catherine and Jen

All day Friday and Saturday, you could find Catherine and Jen at the registration table or as I thought of it… “Crop & Create headquarters” which was just outside the door to the ballroom. They were there to answer questions and help anyone needing assistance with anything. It was so fun hanging out with this amazing wonder duo as well as with Beth Kingston, Kelly Goree, Caroline Lau and Leica Forrest. It was just one big laugh fest with these ladies.

Event Sponsors

These awesome sponsors gave Catherine some incredible giveaways and I mean incredible. The giveaway table was filled with all kinds of great products that any scrapbooker or mixed media artist would LOVE to get their hands on.

Prize Table

Just check out some of the awesome prizes… I wasn’t kidding was I?

Dessert Bar

And here are just a few of the desserts that were quickly consumed from the dessert bar. Canadians have the BEST CHOCOLATE EVAH! Seriously, I cannot stop thinking about that darn dessert table.

Onsite Stores

Catherine even had a few onsite stores just inside the ballroom so scrappers had access to product instantly. I fell in love with this one stores display. These altered suitcases and typewriter were so cute.


Those who took my classes were entered into a giveaway for a signed copy of my book “Delight In The Seasons” and are you ready for this, a signed copy by Tim Holtz himself of his book “A Compendium of Curiosities”. How awesome was it of him to send 3 copies of his book to giveaway during the event.

Lisa & Leica

And oh my goodness let me tell you about this amazing lady Leica (said like Lisa) Forrest. She is super sweet, fun loving, talented and pee your pants hilarious! There were several times I just flat out could not look at her one more second or well, I would have had issues. It was loads of fun having her as my teacher assistant and just hanging out with her in between classes.

I think most of you know that I’m usually the quiet more reserved one a group. I’m kinda shy and well taking photos is certainly not my most favorite thing to do. Well, Leica really does not care about any of that and will just grab you and before you know it you are in front of a camera and she is telling you to smile, work the camera, look for butterflies…. yes, I said look for butterflies. That was a new one for me but evidently I found them as she was very happy with the photo. LOL, she is crazy.

Then she looks at me and says, “now we are going to stick out our tongues”. Well this shy reserved girl was instantly thinking um how did I get myself into this one? I told her I cannot do that and well, she just looks at me and says, “Okay then I’m gonna lick you”. Below is the result of that discussion. LOL, I seriously laugh every single time I see this photo.

Leica and Lisa

And I need to thank Leica for several of the photos posted here (Catherine & Jen, Prize Table and Lisa & Leica) since I kinda snagged them from her FB page. I hope everyone has a Leica in their life. If not, go find one or for that matter find her. She is awesome.


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