Some Behind the Scenes In the Studio

Mar 13, 2013

This week I’m in Ohio doing the step outs for book three, titled… Delight @#$%^ gosh, I cannot wait to be able to tell you more. I kinda got the go ahead to tell you, today… no I did get the go ahead to tell you while eating some awesome Dewey’s Pizza for lunch… love their Green Lantern pizza by the way… but when Jamie and Kristy started talking about how far out we were from the publication date  BAM just like that Jamie ripped the okay right out from under me and said I needed to wait a bit longer. Ugh, it was painful… one minute total excitement and then BOOM too bad so sad. I can tell you this though, I’m super excited about Delight @#$%^ and I know you will love it.

Kristy's Spot

Once I’m in the studio I know my part of the book is nearly done which is super exciting. Then I pass all my writing on to Kristy, my editor. See the computer on the table? This is Kristy’s spot for the week. She sits to my right and while I am doing the step out photos with Christine (awesome, amazing photographer) Kristy types notes, tips and other ideas she feels are good highlights for the book. And she makes me laugh all day long with her comments on my writing of certain step outs. Lets just say, sometimes I can take the super long over the hill and through the woods route to tell you how to do certain techniques but Kristy after reading it instantly comes up with a short cut leaving me with the thought of why didn’t I just say that? I love my editor!!!

Christine's Spot

To my left is Christine’s desk. While I’m preparing for the next steps or new techniques to be photographed she sits quietly at her desk working on photos she just took. Christine is one patient lady that is for sure. Always making sure I have my hands positioned just right, fingers in the right place, each step out shown in the best way etc… You all will be so happy too because she is doing the photography for book 3 Delight @#$%^ and the one big compliment I always get about my books is how amazing the photography is and how they look like coffee table books. She works really well with the Stylist and Designers to create beautiful books. I’m so fortunate.

My Spot

And here is my spot, smack dab in the middle of Kristy and Christine. These are some of the essentials I use all throughout the day… YES Starbucks is an essential… that stash is pretty much just basic everyday supplies that are super handy at an arms reach. All the book projects and supplies are right behind me on two big tables just waiting to be picked and placed in the spot light. Just imagine textiles, paints, UTEE, vintage items, metal pieces, paper, embossing powders etc. and that is pretty much what is on the table.

So there ya have it… a little snippet of what this week is like… the same thing everyday until each and every step out is complete. It’s awesome!


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