Some Behind the Scenes In the Studio

Mar 13, 2013

This week I’m in Ohio doing the step outs for book three, titled… Delight @#$%^ gosh, I can­not wait to be able to tell you more. I kin­da got the go ahead to tell you, today… no I did get the go ahead to tell you while eat­ing some awe­some Dewey’s Piz­za for lunch… love their Green Lantern piz­za by the way… but when Jamie and Kristy start­ed talk­ing about how far out we were from the pub­li­ca­tion date  BAM just like that Jamie ripped the okay right out from under me and said I need­ed to wait a bit longer. Ugh, it was painful… one minute total excite­ment and then BOOM too bad so sad. I can tell you this though, I’m super excit­ed about Delight @#$%^ and I know you will love it.

Kristy's Spot

Once I’m in the stu­dio I know my part of the book is near­ly done which is super excit­ing. Then I pass all my writ­ing on to Kristy, my edi­tor. See the com­put­er on the table? This is Kristy’s spot for the week. She sits to my right and while I am doing the step out pho­tos with Chris­tine (awe­some, amaz­ing pho­tog­ra­ph­er) Kristy types notes, tips and oth­er ideas she feels are good high­lights for the book. And she makes me laugh all day long with her com­ments on my writ­ing of cer­tain step outs. Lets just say, some­times I can take the super long over the hill and through the woods route to tell you how to do cer­tain tech­niques but Kristy after read­ing it instant­ly comes up with a short cut leav­ing me with the thought of why did­n’t I just say that? I love my edi­tor!!!

Christine's Spot

To my left is Christine’s desk. While I’m prepar­ing for the next steps or new tech­niques to be pho­tographed she sits qui­et­ly at her desk work­ing on pho­tos she just took. Chris­tine is one patient lady that is for sure. Always mak­ing sure I have my hands posi­tioned just right, fin­gers in the right place, each step out shown in the best way etc… You all will be so hap­py too because she is doing the pho­tog­ra­phy for book 3 Delight @#$%^ and the one big com­pli­ment I always get about my books is how amaz­ing the pho­tog­ra­phy is and how they look like cof­fee table books. She works real­ly well with the Styl­ist and Design­ers to cre­ate beau­ti­ful books. I’m so for­tu­nate.

My Spot

And here is my spot, smack dab in the mid­dle of Kristy and Chris­tine. These are some of the essen­tials I use all through­out the day… YES Star­bucks is an essen­tial… that stash is pret­ty much just basic every­day sup­plies that are super handy at an arms reach. All the book projects and sup­plies are right behind me on two big tables just wait­ing to be picked and placed in the spot light. Just imag­ine tex­tiles, paints, UTEE, vin­tage items, met­al pieces, paper, emboss­ing pow­ders etc. and that is pret­ty much what is on the table.

So there ya have it… a lit­tle snip­pet of what this week is like… the same thing every­day until each and every step out is com­plete. It’s awe­some!


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