Studio Makeover

Mar 21, 2013

Oh my goodness… yesterday, I started the big switch a roo. I’m moving my studio from one room of our house to the front much larger room of our house. The front room has the most amazing light and it lasts all day long. But let me tell ya, I cannot wait to have this task completed. When I went to bed last night, I was hoping my fairy godmother would show up and finish it all but nope… she must have been busy helping someone else. Although, I pretty much have as close to a fairy godmother as I’m going to get. My neighbor Jennifer is so awesome. She is the best cheerleader, always positive, everything is fun and when I’m purging out my studio I just walk a few feet and dump it all on her front door. Just like that all my cares and worries are gone.

So here is a little video of the front room Before the makeover. See how awesome the lighting is in this room. I just love it.


I made these lampshades years ago and I’m so glad I did not get rid of them. They are perfect in this room which is a mix of funky, vintage and classic styles. I’m a firm believer that if you like something no matter the style get it because usually you stay in the same color scheme so it all matches. It’s crazy how it works out but you will see it’s true when you look at these photos. So notice the colors in the lampshades and even though they are kinda funky well the colors are all throughout my room so they work perfectly.

Classic Chair with vintage finds

This comfy spot is where I will take all the photos for my blog and such. Notice the classic navy blue and cream stripes in the chair. The lampshades have the same colors. So the classic and funky works. I placed a vintage suitcase next to the chair for two reasons. 1) I like the feel it gives to the room. It makes me think of someone sitting in the chair waiting for their ride to come for distant travels. 2) The suitcase is wide enough that I can set a drink on it and works perfectly as a little side table.

Pie crust table and vintage finds

Then in the window I placed some old bottles that my cousin Connie and I dug out from underneath one of the old buildings at the old homestead in Buckhannon, WV. So when I look at these I think of her and all the fun I have now and when I was a child in WV. The table is an old I think they call it pie crust table. The rim of the table is shaped just like a pie crust. I will use this table to take photos. Notice the color of the pie safe piece. Again, the blue is in the lampshades so the funky works with vintage as well.

Shelving Unit

I was thrilled with how well this unit fit into the nook in this room. I was not thrilled with how heavy it was and emptying out all that stuff but once everything was in place it was time for the happy dance and a few ibuprofen. Gosh, my back is sore today. You can see my treasured Sketchy Doll sitting on top. That doll gives me so much joy!!! I’m going to hang a long curtain rod across the top and have what I’m hoping are some cool patchwork pieces for curtains. If not, I will make my own because now that I have a visual of what I want I’m not going to be able to settle for anything else. The table and chairs set you see were my great grandmother’s. The set is over 100 years old and is now my new worktable. To protect it I’m going to cover the top of the table with a vintage tablecloth.

My view

When I’m sitting at my worktable, the big shelving unit will be behind me and this will be my view. The really fun thing is rabbits usually have baby bunnies hiding in the bushes in front of the window. It’s so fun watching them hop around playing. I could watch them for hours. And I have a blue-jay and mockingbird that guard a birdbath there are well. These two do not play nicely together at all. They dive bomb each other and take watch on one of the gutters above. I love nature so this is going to be fun watching all day everyday. I do want to find some sheer curtains that  hit just above the old bottles and would be ever so happy if they had a scallop lace bottom. I know, I’m really pushing it here but it could happen. I just want to create the feeling of an old vintage home even if I’m in the city.

Left half of the room

This is what the left half of the room looks like now. The curio cabinet that is peeking out on the right will be emptied and moved to our den. Then I will fill the entire length of the wall with shelving units similar to the one on shown. These units are just a bit shorter.

The room to the right

And here is what the room looks like on the right. Sorry the camera on my phone was not liking the lighting at all. I love the look and feel of this area. You can look at the During the makeover video to see everything better. But as you can see I have an eclectic style going on here and it makes me so happy. So my one and only decorating tip I will ever give is this… if you like it get it don’t worry about the style, most likely you too will stay in the same color pallet and it will all blend together nicely. Life is too short not to enjoy the things you love.

Today, Jennifer and I are hitting up IKEA for some storage ideas and hopefully solutions. Wish us luck.


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