Studio Makeover ~ Part 2

Mar 27, 2013

Studio Overview

I am so close to being fin­ished with my stu­dio makeover. I just need to hang the cur­tains over the shelv­ing unit to the left, find a small piece for addi­tion­al stor­age to put up on the shelves along the wall on the far left then hang some vin­tage pho­tos I have and bam… it’s done. I’m real­ly lov­ing the mix of all the things I love with my sup­plies. To me, per­son­al touch­es are what make a room warm and invit­ing.  So let me give you a close up tour and show you how I com­bined per­son­al trea­sures and vin­tage finds among my crafty prod­ucts.

Work area

This is what I see when sit­ting at my work table. I’m using a berry bas­ket to hold my adhe­sives, a mini pie tin works per­fect­ly for my alpha stamps, a van­i­ty lip­stick hold­er is great for hold­ing my Gold, Dia­mond and Plat­inum Stick­les upside down and ready to go, a vin­tage gravy boat sent to me by a sweet long time blog read­er holds my micro-tip scis­sors, ruler and ink blenders then I have my paint brush­es, pens and pen­cils sit­ting in milk glass cups.

Ball Jar

This Ball mason jar was my grand­moth­ers and I keep baby wipes inside. It works per­fect­ly and looks much cuter than the orig­i­nal con­tain­er. The clear glass van­i­ty dish to the left of the jar holds my sand­ing sup­plies.

Right side of the studio

I love sit­ting in that big blue com­fy chair when I work on my com­put­er. Look­ing out the win­dow watch­ing birds bathe and chirp, duck won­der around the yard, sneak­ing a peek at the lit­tle rab­bit liv­ing in the bush­es and watch­ing the blue jay peck on the arched win­dow cer­tain­ly makes work seem less like work. I have three real birds nests that I’m going to sit up in the arched win­dow. I think they will look per­fect up there.

Big blue comfy chair

This is what I see when I’m sit­ting in my chair. I have my broth­er’s trum­pet nes­tled down into a bas­ket with silk green­ery, a Clorox bot­tle from the old home­stead in Buck­han­non, WV, the vin­tage suit­case that has a dual pur­pose (stor­age and side table), the pie crust table is accent­ed with things I like… lit­tle fig­urines, fake orchid, milk glass votive hold­er, pho­to of my daugh­ter Ter­ri and a wood­en box  mom and dad gave to me one Christ­mas.

Richard's Trumpet

Sit­ing on top of the pie safe/storage piece are sev­er­al items I real­ly cher­ish. The rock­ing chair was giv­en to me on my first birth­day by my grand­moth­er and grand­fa­ther Spin­ney. My mom drug this thing dur­ing each move from Maine to Texas, to Louisiana and back to Texas again. I’m so glad she did too because I love this chair. The rab­bit that sits in it was found at Mar­shal­l’s years ago. I think he is per­fect for this chair.

Grampa's Loons

My grand­fa­ther Spin­ney carved and paint­ed the mom­ma and baby loon. The cran­ber­ry vase belonged to my grand­moth­er Childers. Mom gave it to me sev­er­al years ago and it has been dis­played proud­ly since.

Little Girl and Boy

This cute lit­tle girl and boy were bought while dig­ging around a flea mar­ket with mom and dad. I think they are just the cutest lit­tle cou­ple and remind me of the fun times I get to spend with my par­ents.

Sketchy Doll

The top of this shelv­ing unit (along the back wall) is filled with pho­to prop items and lots of things I love. My Sketchy doll is one of the things I tru­ly love. It was a great Christ­mas the year I got mine. The paint­ing of the three red birds was done by my mom and I love the pop of col­or it brings to the room.

Vintage stuff

Along the shelf I have milk glass plates, jel­lo molds, vin­tage fig­urines, emp­ty extract bot­tle that will soon store seed beads and lots more stuff along the top like, a sil­ver cup, vin­tage trims, more milk glass con­tain­ers, print­ers tray etc.

Underwood Typewriter

This is one spot I’m real­ly hap­py about. I now actu­al­ly have a des­ig­nat­ed spot just for my trea­sured Under­wood type­writer. I love this type­writer and still laugh at the day mom found this beau­ty for me. It works per­fect­ly and real­ly adds that fin­ish­ing touch to my vin­tage projects.

And last­ly every­one needs a guardian angel look­ing over them and this one is mine. I have her sit­ting on top of a vin­tage clock mom and dad gave me not too long after we moved into our home. I think she looks per­fect sit­ting on top of it watch­ing over me. Oh the sto­ries she could tell.

Guardian angel

So there ya have it a quick lit­tle tour around my stu­dio. If you have any ques­tions, need stor­age ideas etc. just email me or post a com­ment and I will do my best to help you out. Mak­ing your work area pret­ty and a resem­blance of you makes work­ing feel not so much like work.


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