Studio Makeover ~ IKEA Finds

Mar 22, 2013

I got­ta share my IKEA finds with you because I got some great deals yes­ter­day and you need to know about them just in case you want to run to an IKEA near you. My awe­some neigh­bor Jen­nifer went with me on this trip and gosh am I ever so glad she did. I had so many ideas run­ning through my head I could not stay focused. I think I would still be in there try­ing to find my way out if it was­n’t for her. Jen­nifer spot­ted so many great finds because I was like a squir­rel that dis­cov­ered an oak tree with 100’s of acorns on the ground. I had no idea which thing I want­ed first or which way I need­ed to go.

So Jen­nifer­’s first find is the adorable Raskog Kitchen Cart. I can­not wait to fill it full of sup­plies. The col­or is awe­some and the assem­blage is super easy. This seri­ous­ly makes me so hap­py. I’ve been want­i­ng this for so long but did not have the room for it until now. So talk about a great bonus to switch­ing rooms.

Raskog Kitchen Cart

I also need­ed a mov­able table I could use for stor­age and as a table for demo­ing projects in upcom­ing videos. Yes I do plan on doing tech­nique based videos once this Stu­dio Makeover is com­plete. They will be one take videos and I’m sure they’ll be quite enter­tain­ing. I plan on keep­ing it real so what you see and hear is what you get with these. So what did my awe­some neigh­bor Jen­nifer spy for me… this great Bek­vam kitchen cart that is the per­fect size for the space I have to put it AND it has wheels. I swear EVERYONE needs a neigh­bor like mine. And this cart is on sale for half price right now. It was only $29.99 and is real­ly easy to assem­ble. I plan on putting trays on the shelves so I can eas­i­ly pull out these glass con­tain­ers I have that I’ll fill with baubles and tools. This cart is going to get a good alter­ing job too, even­tu­al­ly. I see so many pos­si­bil­i­ties with this piece.

Bekvam Kitchen Cart

When we got to the Tex­tiles sec­tion I found the per­fect cur­tains. I want­ed a lacy sheer type for the win­dow and was so hap­py to find some that worked so well and even had scal­loped edges. For­got to take a pho­to but you can see them hang­ing below. I’m going to toss them over the bam­boo rod I already have hang­ing up then attach them to the rod by stitch­ing seam bind­ing along the top tied in bows. Then along the edge where the rod should go through each cur­tain I’m going to attach ran­dom doilies to it. I think this will real­ly make for a unique valance. These cute flo­ral cur­tains look just like vin­tage sheets and I will be hang­ing them in front of the Expe­d­it shelv­ing unit. I want to have a clean back­ground when need­ed and be able to hide a mess of two when need­ed.

Curtains in front of shelves

While pass­ing the gar­den sec­tion I spot­ted these super cute Sku­rar plant pot con­tain­ers. There was no way I was going to be able to pass these up. They are per­fect to hold tools on my work­table. I LOVE them just as they are but they would also be so cute paint­ed with chalk­board paint or decoupaged with vin­tage papers on the sol­id sur­face.

Skurar Plant Pot

Then before we checked out Jen­nifer and I hit up the As Is sec­tion. I scored big time and found two super adorable hand tow­els for $2.00 that are going to look so cute hang­ing from the wood­en cart and some lace that match­es my cur­tains hang­ing in the win­dow for $1.00.

Hand towels and cut lace

And here is what the lacey cur­tains look like hang­ing… minus the two man­u­fac­tur­ers tags. I tore those off after I took the pho­to. This win­dow has such a warm and invit­ing vin­tage feel. I’m so hap­py with it and it is going to be great get­ting to look out of it every day.

Window Before & After

So now I’m back to mov­ing stuff out and in. This new spot is going to be such a great place to cre­ate in. I can’t wait.


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