Studio Makeover ~ IKEA Finds

Mar 22, 2013

I gotta share my IKEA finds with you because I got some great deals yesterday and you need to know about them just in case you want to run to an IKEA near you. My awesome neighbor Jennifer went with me on this trip and gosh am I ever so glad she did. I had so many ideas running through my head I could not stay focused. I think I would still be in there trying to find my way out if it wasn’t for her. Jennifer spotted so many great finds because I was like a squirrel that discovered an oak tree with 100’s of acorns on the ground. I had no idea which thing I wanted first or which way I needed to go.

So Jennifer’s first find is the adorable Raskog Kitchen Cart. I cannot wait to fill it full of supplies. The color is awesome and the assemblage is super easy. This seriously makes me so happy. I’ve been wanting this for so long but did not have the room for it until now. So talk about a great bonus to switching rooms.

Raskog Kitchen Cart

I also needed a movable table I could use for storage and as a table for demoing projects in upcoming videos. Yes I do plan on doing technique based videos once this Studio Makeover is complete. They will be one take videos and I’m sure they’ll be quite entertaining. I plan on keeping it real so what you see and hear is what you get with these. So what did my awesome neighbor Jennifer spy for me… this great Bekvam kitchen cart that is the perfect size for the space I have to put it AND it has wheels. I swear EVERYONE needs a neighbor like mine. And this cart is on sale for half price right now. It was only $29.99 and is really easy to assemble. I plan on putting trays on the shelves so I can easily pull out these glass containers I have that I’ll fill with baubles and tools. This cart is going to get a good altering job too, eventually. I see so many possibilities with this piece.

Bekvam Kitchen Cart

When we got to the Textiles section I found the perfect curtains. I wanted a lacy sheer type for the window and was so happy to find some that worked so well and even had scalloped edges. Forgot to take a photo but you can see them hanging below. I’m going to toss them over the bamboo rod I already have hanging up then attach them to the rod by stitching seam binding along the top tied in bows. Then along the edge where the rod should go through each curtain I’m going to attach random doilies to it. I think this will really make for a unique valance. These cute floral curtains look just like vintage sheets and I will be hanging them in front of the Expedit shelving unit. I want to have a clean background when needed and be able to hide a mess of two when needed.

Curtains in front of shelves

While passing the garden section I spotted these super cute Skurar plant pot containers. There was no way I was going to be able to pass these up. They are perfect to hold tools on my worktable. I LOVE them just as they are but they would also be so cute painted with chalkboard paint or decoupaged with vintage papers on the solid surface.

Skurar Plant Pot

Then before we checked out Jennifer and I hit up the As Is section. I scored big time and found two super adorable hand towels for $2.00 that are going to look so cute hanging from the wooden cart and some lace that matches my curtains hanging in the window for $1.00.

Hand towels and cut lace

And here is what the lacey curtains look like hanging… minus the two manufacturers tags. I tore those off after I took the photo. This window has such a warm and inviting vintage feel. I’m so happy with it and it is going to be great getting to look out of it every day.

Window Before & After

So now I’m back to moving stuff out and in. This new spot is going to be such a great place to create in. I can’t wait.


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