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Mar 28, 2013

Some of you emailed me ask­ing to see a few things clos­er up so here ya go. I find it fun to add per­son­al touch­es to my work area and when you are a col­lec­tor of many things like I am it’s easy to do.

The little things

These are a few lit­tle fig­urines I’ve col­lect­ed from Good­will and oth­er Thrift Stores. I enjoy tuck­ing them (that is until I have to dust them) in among oth­er decor items. I think of them as lit­tle unex­pect­ed sur­pris­es.  The two small­er pho­tos are of fig­urines sit­ting on the pie crust table. I have the squir­rel posi­tioned so it is hid­ing behind the berry bas­ket filled with adhe­sives yet peek­ing out from in front of a chair.

Trumpet, Clorox Bottle and Blade

This is how my broth­er’s trum­pet, old home­stead Clorox bot­tle and farm­ing blade look like at floor lev­el. You can also see a green soda bot­tle in the win­dow. I have clear bot­tles sit­ting all along the win­dows edge.

Flowers, vintage sewing machine and Easter Basket

This vignette is just to the right of the pie safe/storage piece. It is a big silk Amar­il­lo plant that has a vin­tage sewing machine and my child­hood East­er bas­ket sit­ting next to it.

Traveling Apron

My trav­el­ing apron rests on a chair in front of my Under­wood type­writer. I will soon be adding Win­nipeg, CA and Estes Park, CO to the list of places this apron has trav­eled.

Vintage tins

This is what is stored under­neath my sewing machine. I use muf­fin tins for sort­ing small items. The oth­er pans are great for stor­ing and stack­ing items being used for work in progress projects.

Vintage Ornaments

This box or vin­tage orna­ments will remain in this very spot next to my sewing machine until I find a glass con­tain­er I like to store them in. I love the col­or of these orna­ments and can’t bare to cov­er them.

Train Case

This lit­tle suit case sits next to my big blue com­fy chair. I use it for addi­tion­al stor­age.


This spot is to the right of the shelv­ing unit that fills the wall. It is filled with stuff… my grand­fa­ther’s bow tie, milk glass, met­al bird, a print­ers tray with fam­i­ly trea­sures inside and vin­tage lace.


These lamp­shades are super easy to make. I just added trim and bead­ing to pre-made shades I found sev­er­al years ago at Stein Mart. The loop at the base of the lamp was both­er­ing me so I decid­ed to add a tas­sel. I like it so much bet­ter with the tas­sel.

New additions

And I’ve had these three lit­tle bird nests for quite some­time just wait­ing for the right place to put them… well, I decid­ed my stu­dio win­dow was the spot. I just love them sit­ting up there.

Wren and Cardinal nests

Wren nest

Twigs and Lace

I think the com­bi­na­tion of twigs and lace looks beau­ti­ful. There is so much beau­ty in nature. Ok I think I answered all the ques­tions. If not, just email me.


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