Imperfect is Perfect to me….

Mar 29, 2013

When I found this beat up old utility cart at Frisco Mercantile I could not get my hands on it fast enough. I had been walking up and down each and every aisle looking for something to put in this very spot. I knew I needed it to be a certain width and height, wanted it to be an open piece so it would not close off the room too much, look nice and it had to be large enough to hold all the items seen. Well when I stumbled onto this cart and saw that the price was $18.00 it was sold.

Yes it is scratched, yes it leans a bit to one side (but it’s still level) and yes it squeaks when the wheels roll but I think it’s imperfections are what makes it perfect. This utility cart does everything I need it to do. It holds my supplies perfectly, it’s open, it’s bright and cheery and it’s the perfect size. And I even got a little bonus because it reminds me of a similar one my grandmother had in her kitchen.

Utility Cart

This cart is filled with lots of vintage items I’ve received and collected from all over. I love filling my work area with items that remind me of friends, family and my love of thrifting.

Top Shelf

The top shelf of this cart has the twine, yarn and thread I like to use quite a bit. Give me just a little time and that blank spot will be filled. I decorate just as I create… I fill every last spot with something… details are not only in my work but also in my decorating. Although when creating and have a finished project I don’t have to dust in between all those little details. Dusting really is a chore in this house. But again, I’m a collector of things so someday’s I just overlook the dust and someday’s not so much.

Middle Shelf

The middle shelf stores tins my friend Laura of Laura’s Vintage Garden found for me. She is my roomie at CHA and we have loads of fun. She has an amazing etsy shop that has loads of vintage trims, flowers, etc. if you do not know about her shop you really need to take a peek. The tins are filled with embroidery floss and vintage threads. The glass jars are filled with glass vials and bottles my mom and dad found for me during one of their flea market visits.

The adorable doggie salt and pepper shakers were given to me by Christine Drumheller, owner of Cocoa Daisy. I just love these little cuties. The little milk glass jar behind the doggie salt and pepper shakers were found at Frisco Mercantile for a little of nothing. Then the pink glass serving pieces were found at Frisco Resale. I got the entire set… a platter, a large serving bowl, sugar & creamer, a small serving bowl and a small platter for $15.00. I love that the money made from items sold at Frisco Resale goes back into our community to help those in need.

Bottom Shelf

The bottom shelf of this cart holds more tins from Laura that are filled with jewelry making supplies and mini Maya Road chipboard embellishments. The clear glass piece that looks like a vase is actually what they used to put straws in long ago. Can you imagine pulling a straw out of that thing… ahhhh, which just reminds me I have some red and white paper straws Caroline gave to me that I must place inside it. That little pop of color will look amazing.

You can also see the pink glass sugar and creamer I mentioned above. Then there is another milk glass jar I found at Frisco Mercantile and the real super awesome treasures on this shelf are hidden inside the wooden boxes. Each box is filled with a set of letter press alphabets in different sizes and font styles. Be still my heart. When my dad found these in an Antique shop in Sour Lake, Texas and asked me what I thought I instantly said, well my thought is I think I must have these. They are perfect to press into Jewelry Clay and other like mediums as well as ink and stamp.

Love this beauty

And this is how I see it when I’m sitting in my big blue comfy chair. It’s imperfectly perfect and makes me smile.


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