Take Your Dog to Work Day

Mar 15, 2013

This morning started out with a Starbucks stop and while Kristy and I were waiting for our coffee I noticed Starbucks had a new coffee called Tribute Blend. After getting the low down on this new blend from the very informative coffee guy, which of course I cannot even remember now due to the fact that I had zero caffeine running through my veins. But I am happy I was aware enough to snap a photo because after reading the little tag line underneath the name of this new coffee blend I thought hey, this pretty much describes me with one simple little word change…

Tribute Blend 2013

“Full-Bodied with Complex Disposition”  Gosh, I could really have fun with this tag line.

Kristy and Lars

When we arrived at the photography studio “Lars” the cutest, sweetest little dog was standing just inside the door ready to greet us. His dad Phil a.k.a. the video guy brought him to work for the day. Lars is the coolest little dog. It was fun hearing the pitter patter of his little feet on the floor throughout the day. He would come in and visit us off and on while making the rounds of the studio checking to be sure all was safe. When the mail was delivered he let us know there was some stranger danger going on. This was the only time we heard him bark. He was pretty fond of Kristy because she would give him popcorn when he came in to visit.

Me working on something fun for book 3

Kristy took this photo of me while I was prepping a piece for a step out. I’m telling you I am so excited about Delight @#$%^ I cannot stand having to wait to share the name and the idea behind this book. It’s filled with so many wonderfully fun and different techniques. And Kristy and I even have a little something up our sleeves that I believe you all will love! More on that later or should I say more like someday. Ugh, waiting I’m so not good at waiting. I’m an instant gratification kinda girl.

And one thing about my visits to Ohio is it’s so fun chatting with not only Kristy and Christine but also with the “Design Staff” and “Sales Staff”. So much brainstorming and discussions go on which brings on more brainstorming and more discussions. I honestly LOVE the publication industry and I love being around so many creative people. As I said in Delight In The Details… it truly does take a village to create a book. This is not a one man team kinda process. I rely on so many people at F+W Media to make my books successful and I listen to what every single one of them has to say and offer. I’m truly blessed to have such a supportive team standing behind me helping me obtain my dream… my “Delight Trilogy”.


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