DIY Yarn Bird Nest

Mar 4, 2013

As much as I love the winter I do have to admit I love creating home decor items for spring. I can tell spring is on it’s way because  the stillness of our winter mornings is being replaced with the chirping of birds, yards in the neighborhood are turning green and the landscaping is starting to bud which means soon they will be in full bloom. So in honor of the fast approaching spring season I thought I would create a sweet little bird’s nest from yarn. I still need to finish decorating mine but thought I would share with you how I created mine so you can get started making yours.

Steps 1, 2 and 3

The process is pretty simple. You will need yarn, cling wrap and a mold for your nest. I used a jello mold for mine but you can use the bottom of a small glass or bowl. You will need a decoupage medium, I used Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage Matte, but you can use glue that has been watered down just a bit. I like Aleene’s Stiffen Quick a lot so I applied a few sprays here and there as I was wrapping the yarn on the outside. Once the nest was dry I applied a few sprays on the inside portion of the nest and let it dry.

  • First you will wrap your mold with cling wrap and push any excess cling wrap underneath the mold.
  • With the yarn create a small flat circle (not a ball) for the base of your nest. Using a paint brush apply some decoupage medium onto the top of the cling wrapped mold then place the small flat yarn circle on top of the decoupage medium.
  • Continue wrapping the yarn and applying decoupage medium to the cling wrapped mold as you wrap your yarn. Once you get the entire mold wrapped with yarn using a paint brush apply a thin layer of decoupage medium and a few sprays of stiffen quick on top of the yarn covering the mold. Now begin wrapping the yarn on top of the first layer of yarn. This will give you a nest with two layers of wrapped yarn.
  • Apply another thin layer of decoupage medium all over the wrapped yarn.
  • Set your nest aside and let the decoupage medium dry. You can use a heat gun to help quicken the drying process a bit but I would let it completely dry overnight.
  • Here is a quick video to show you the items used and how your nest will look while it is drying. Yarn Bird Nest Pt. 1

Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7

  • Once the yarn nest is dry turn the mold upside down and carefully separate the mold from the clip wrap. 
  • Once the mold is removed gently begin to peel the cling wrap from the nest. Do this very carefully. Once the cling wrap is removed, if the yarn that was directly against the cling wrap is still a bit damp just use a heat gun to dry it completely.
  • Now you have a yarn bird nest that is ready to be decorated.
  • Here is a quick video of how you bird nest will look once dried. Yarn Bird Nest Pt. 2

I think these would look so cute sitting on your Easter table filled with candies. Once I have mine decorated I’ll post a photo. Until then you all have some nests to create. Have fun.


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