Carrot Cake Pancakes

Mar 14, 2013

Today for lunch Kristy, Christine and I had breakfast for lunch at First Watch. I decided to try their Carrot Cake pancakes because I LOVE a good carrot cake and had to try it in pancake form. Well let me just tell ya, these pancakes were AMAZING!!! The kind of amazing that you cannot stop thinking about them and could eat them until you got sick AMAZING!!! But then when I looked at the Nutritional Facts for one pancake the sick amazing quickly turned into sick amazing guilt! Ugh… why do things that taste so incredibly great have to be so incredibly not so great for you?

Carrot Cake Pancakes

Even with nutritional facts guilt looming over my shoulder I’m on a mission to find a super simple carrot cake pancake recipe that comes as close to the one by First Watch. So what does one do when they need to find something…. Google it of course and I found enough recipes to keep Alan busy in the kitchen for months. LOL, Alan is the cook in this family. Thank goodness, he loves it because I don’t.

Here are a few recipes I think I’ll see if Alan will try for me. I’m going to pass on the cream cheese icing since First Watch didn’t have it on theirs and I can only imagine the guilt I’d have finding out how many added calories that would be… yikes!

Taste of Home

Cookie and Kate

Closet Cooking

Cooking Channel TV

Taste Book

If you have a good tried and true Carrot Cake Pancake please let me know. I would love to try it.


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