Happy Easter

Mar 31, 2013

‘Twas East­er-Sun­day. The full-blos­somed trees Filled all the air with fra­grance and with joy. ~Hen­ry Wadsworth...

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Imperfect is Perfect to me.…

Mar 29, 2013

When I found this beat up old util­i­ty cart at Frisco Mer­can­tile I could not get my hands on it fast enough. I had been walk­ing up and down each and every aisle look­ing for some­thing to put in this very spot. I knew I need­ed it to be a cer­tain width and height, want­ed it to be an open piece so it would not close off the room too much, look nice and it had to be large enough to hold all the items seen. Well when I stum­bled onto this cart and saw that the price was $18.00 it was sold. Yes it is scratched, yes it leans a bit to one side (but it’s still lev­el) and yes it squeaks when the wheels roll but I think it’s imper­fec­tions are what makes it...

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Studio Accents

Mar 28, 2013

Some of you emailed me ask­ing to see a few things clos­er up so here ya go. I find it fun to add per­son­al touch­es to my work area and when you are a col­lec­tor of many things like I am it’s easy to do. These are a few lit­tle fig­urines I’ve col­lect­ed from Good­will and oth­er Thrift Stores. I enjoy tuck­ing them (that is until I have to dust them) in among oth­er decor items. I think of them as lit­tle unex­pect­ed sur­pris­es.  The two small­er pho­tos are of fig­urines sit­ting on the pie crust table. I have the squir­rel posi­tioned so it is hid­ing behind the berry bas­ket filled with adhe­sives yet peek­ing out from in front of a chair. This is how my broth­er’s trum­pet, old home­stead Clorox bot­tle and farm­ing...

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Studio Makeover ~ Part 2

Mar 27, 2013

I am so close to being fin­ished with my stu­dio makeover. I just need to hang the cur­tains over the shelv­ing unit to the left, find a small piece for addi­tion­al stor­age to put up on the shelves along the wall on the far left then hang some vin­tage pho­tos I have and bam… it’s done. I’m real­ly lov­ing the mix of all the things I love with my sup­plies. To me, per­son­al touch­es are what make a room warm and invit­ing.  So let me give you a close up tour and show you how I com­bined per­son­al trea­sures and vin­tage finds among my crafty prod­ucts. This is what I see when sit­ting at my work table. I’m using a berry bas­ket to hold my adhe­sives, a mini pie tin works per­fect­ly for my...

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Studio Makeover ~ IKEA Finds

Mar 22, 2013

I got­ta share my IKEA finds with you because I got some great deals yes­ter­day and you need to know about them just in case you want to run to an IKEA near you. My awe­some neigh­bor Jen­nifer went with me on this trip and gosh am I ever so glad she did. I had so many ideas run­ning through my head I could not stay focused. I think I would still be in there try­ing to find my way out if it was­n’t for her. Jen­nifer spot­ted so many great finds because I was like a squir­rel that dis­cov­ered an oak tree with 100’s of acorns on the ground. I had no idea which thing I want­ed first or which way I need­ed to go. So Jen­nifer­’s first find is the adorable Raskog...

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Studio Makeover

Mar 21, 2013

Oh my good­ness… yes­ter­day, I start­ed the big switch a roo. I’m mov­ing my stu­dio from one room of our house to the front much larg­er room of our house. The front room has the most amaz­ing light and it lasts all day long. But let me tell ya, I can­not wait to have this task com­plet­ed. When I went to bed last night, I was hop­ing my fairy god­moth­er would show up and fin­ish it all but nope… she must have been busy help­ing some­one else. Although, I pret­ty much have as close to a fairy god­moth­er as I’m going to get. My neigh­bor Jen­nifer is so awe­some. She is the best cheer­leader, always pos­i­tive, every­thing is fun and when I’m purg­ing out my stu­dio I just walk a few feet and dump...

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Delight In The Art of Collage

Mar 19, 2013

It’s the name of my new baby, book 3!!! I am so hap­py to final­ly be able to share the title AND a few sneak peeks from each chap­ter. I’ve worked my tail feath­ers off on this one as it real­ly pushed me cre­ative­ly into a new direc­tion that I tru­ly love. My edi­tor Kristin Con­lin was with me all the way on the crazy emo­tion­al roller coast­er of writ­ing and cre­at­ing a book. Believe me it’s one long emo­tion­al roller coast­er too. Some days I was near­ly in tears, which I quick­ly told myself to suck it up but­ter­cup, to being super hap­py from won­der­ful feed­back she’d heard. It’s crazy. Delight In The Art of Col­lage is a col­lec­tion of Assem­blage, Mixed Media, Tech­niques and Projects. As you know, I get bored eas­i­ly...

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Crop & Create ~ Winnipeg

Mar 18, 2013

I’m so excit­ed that in just a few short weeks I’ll be in Win­nipeg, Cana­da cre­at­ing with 100 fun and cre­ative women. April 5th from 4:30 — 7:30 I’ll be teach­ing my She is… altered House Shad­ow Box class. This class is super ver­sa­tile and loads of fun to cre­ate. You will begin alter­ing your Maya Road House Shad­ow Box with paint, ink and ges­so by Ranger as well as pat­terned papers and Sten­cils by Pink Paislee. While your House Shad­ow Box is dry­ing you will embell­ish­ment the four inside squares using prod­ucts by Jen­ni Bowl­in Stu­dio, Doo­dle­bug Design & Maya Road. You can alter your House Shad­ow Box in any theme you wish and with or with­out pho­tos. The fun thing about this project is you can place every­thing onto your altered house...

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It’s All About Spring

Mar 17, 2013

On this St. Patrick­’s Day morn­ing I thought I would share with you loads of Spring time inspi­ra­tion. I dug around my blog archives and linked you up with some that I feel are time­less and ready for you to start recre­at­ing today. It’s crazy how many tuto­ri­als I have post­ed on my blog just wait­ing to be redis­cov­ered. We are talk­ing all the way back to 2006. So grab a cup of cof­fee, a diet coke, some water, or a 5 Hour ener­gy drink, sit back and get ready for some Spring Inspi­ra­tion. Once you view them all, I’m pret­ty sure you’re gonna want to get a lit­tle crafty. Peeps Lay­out Altered Bot­tle Altered Paper Mache Box May Day Bas­ket Vic­to­ri­an Style East­er Card Glit­tered East­er Eggs Altered Paper Mache Egg Box Vin­tage Post­card East­er...

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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Mar 15, 2013

This morn­ing start­ed out with a Star­bucks stop and while Kristy and I were wait­ing for our cof­fee I noticed Star­bucks had a new cof­fee called Trib­ute Blend. After get­ting the low down on this new blend from the very infor­ma­tive cof­fee guy, which of course I can­not even remem­ber now due to the fact that I had zero caf­feine run­ning through my veins. But I am hap­py I was aware enough to snap a pho­to because after read­ing the lit­tle tag line under­neath the name of this new cof­fee blend I thought hey, this pret­ty much describes me with one sim­ple lit­tle word change… “Full-Bod­ied with Com­plex Dis­po­si­tion”  Gosh, I could real­ly have fun with this tag line. When we arrived at the pho­tog­ra­phy stu­dio “Lars” the cutest, sweet­est lit­tle dog was stand­ing...

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Carrot Cake Pancakes

Mar 14, 2013

Today for lunch Kristy, Chris­tine and I had break­fast for lunch at First Watch. I decid­ed to try their Car­rot Cake pan­cakes because I LOVE a good car­rot cake and had to try it in pan­cake form. Well let me just tell ya, these pan­cakes were AMAZING!!! The kind of amaz­ing that you can­not stop think­ing about them and could eat them until you got sick AMAZING!!! But then when I looked at the Nutri­tion­al Facts for one pan­cake the sick amaz­ing quick­ly turned into sick amaz­ing guilt! Ugh… why do things that taste so incred­i­bly great have to be so incred­i­bly not so great for you? Even with nutri­tion­al facts guilt loom­ing over my shoul­der I’m on a mis­sion to find a super sim­ple car­rot cake pan­cake recipe that comes as close to the...

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Some Behind the Scenes In the Studio

Mar 13, 2013

This week I’m in Ohio doing the step outs for book three, titled… Delight @#$%^ gosh, I can­not wait to be able to tell you more. I kin­da got the go ahead to tell you, today… no I did get the go ahead to tell you while eat­ing some awe­some Dewey’s Piz­za for lunch… love their Green Lantern piz­za by the way… but when Jamie and Kristy start­ed talk­ing about how far out we were from the pub­li­ca­tion date  BAM just like that Jamie ripped the okay right out from under me and said I need­ed to wait a bit longer. Ugh, it was painful… one minute total excite­ment and then BOOM too bad so sad. I can tell you this though, I’m super excit­ed about Delight @#$%^ and I know you will love it....

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Altering Paper Mache Eggs

Mar 11, 2013

I altered these paper mache eggs from start to fin­ish in less than an hour. These paper mache eggs mea­sure approx­i­mate­ly 1.5″ in length so they are rather small and per­fect to clus­ter togeth­er to accent lit­tle areas around your home. I start­ed alter­ing these eggs by first paint­ing each one with Clau­dine Hell­muth Stu­dio Blank Can­vas acrylic paint. When the eggs are paint­ed it makes the paper tape more vibrant. You don’t have to use paper tape either, you can use Washi Tape, Maya Road Fab­ric Tape, Tim Holtz Tis­sue Tape, basi­cal­ly any­thing you wish. Even mask­ing tape with stamped images using an archival ink would look nice. Now, that I’ve shared a few tips here are the sup­plies I used to alter my paper mache eggs. Paper Mache Eggs, Martha Stew­art Paper...

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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Charm

Mar 8, 2013

Remem­ber the Valen­tine’s Day charms I showed you last month, well you can just as eas­i­ly cre­ate charms for St. Patrick­’s Day too. All you need is a lit­tle gold and green glit­ter a few Maya Road Mem­o­ry Glass Vials and some Tim Holtz Screw Eyes and you’re done.  I filled these St. Patrick­’s Day Charms with sev­er­al dif­fer­ent kinds of glit­ter. I placed gold glass glit­ter inside the larg­er glass vial then Martha Stew­art Peri­dot Fine Glit­ter and Rec­ol­lec­tions (Michaels Brand) Gold Tin­sel Glit­ter inside the small­er glass vial. I think these would look cute filled with green and gold micro beads as well. Now you have the per­fect green acces­so­ry to save your­self from those pesky pinch­ers that are always look­ing for those who for­get to wear green....

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DIY Super Easy Bead Charm

Mar 7, 2013

Mak­ing a charm real­ly can­not get much eas­i­er than this one. I recent­ly pur­chased Mar­got Pot­ter’s 1 Pound Lux­u­ry Bead Soup Mix and as soon as Ans­ley saw the neon beads she instant­ly claimed them as hers. This bead mix is filled with all kinds of awe­some beads. When I poured all the beads onto my work table I was thrilled with the wide assort­ment. Ans­ley decid­ed she want­ed a dou­ble sided charm so I placed the small­er of the neon beads on one side and once the Dia­mond Glaze is ful­ly dried I will fill the back side of this charm with the larg­er neon beads shown above. To cre­ate this charm I used Dia­mond Glaze, Neon Beads, a sprin­kle of Iri­des­cent Glit­ter and a My Jew­el­ry Shoppe 3/4″ Cir­cle Dou­ble Sided Bezel...

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DIY Yarn Bird Nest

Mar 4, 2013

As much as I love the win­ter I do have to admit I love cre­at­ing home decor items for spring. I can tell spring is on it’s way because  the still­ness of our win­ter morn­ings is being replaced with the chirp­ing of birds, yards in the neigh­bor­hood are turn­ing green and the land­scap­ing is start­ing to bud which means soon they will be in full bloom. So in hon­or of the fast approach­ing spring sea­son I thought I would cre­ate a sweet lit­tle bird’s nest from yarn. I still need to fin­ish dec­o­rat­ing mine but thought I would share with you how I cre­at­ed mine so you can get start­ed mak­ing yours. The process is pret­ty sim­ple. You will need yarn, cling wrap and a mold for your nest. I used a jel­lo mold...

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Stamp Embossed Clay Charms

Mar 1, 2013

Here is a real­ly cool tip… when cre­at­ing poly­mer clay charms use chip­board embell­ish­ments for tem­plates. This is exact­ly what I did when cre­at­ing these adorable dress charms for my nieces. I used the chip­board dress from the Maya Road Laun­dry Day mini chip­board set to cre­ate these two charms. All I did was roll out my poly­mer clay to the thick­ness I want­ed, placed the mini chip­board dress on top of the clay then using a craft knife care­ful­ly cut around the chip­board dress. How sim­ple is that! And here are a few oth­er cool tips… to get the but­ter­fly image onto the dress­es I pressed the Maya Road Ornate But­ter­flies stamp set into the poly­mer clay. Stamps are a great way to emboss poly­mer clay. To add words to each dress I used...

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