Vintage Button Bracelet

Feb 7, 2013

Vintage Button Bracelet

This bracelet is seriously the easiest bracelet I’ve ever created. I started with the Patera Bracelet Small Circle by Nunn Design for the base of my bracelet. I love the aged look of all the Nunn Design items and the quality is beyond awesome. First I selected 7 vintage shell buttons that fit nicely and securely inside each of the bezels of the bracelet. I did not want any space showing between the button and the bezel so I made sure these buttons were almost an exact fit.

Using E6000 as my adhesive, I applied a small amount of adhesive inside each bezel of the bracelet then pressed a vintage shell button on top of the E6000. Next I selected 7 additional shell buttons that were slightly smaller than the others. I attached these to the top of each button already secured inside the bracelet.

Then all that was left to do was attach a clear Swarovski clear flat backed crystal (found in most craft stores) to the middle of the top button again using a small amount of E6000. I let the bracelet sit overnight so the adhesive would dry and that was it. Seriously the easiest bracelet ever to make.

Oh and Hilary Stephens with EnviroTex Resin gave me the best tip during her EnviroTex Jewelry Clay demo at CHA. Are you ready for this one… place a pellet of bees wax on the end of a toothpick and use this to pick up your rhinestones and small beads. Yes my mouth dropped wide open when she told me this… HELLO why did  I NOT ever think of this!?

I swear it really is the simple things that make your life so much easier.


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