EnviroTex Resin Charm Trio

Feb 5, 2013

Amanda's Charms

I just real­ized I for­got to show you the Charm Trio I cre­at­ed for my old­est niece Aman­da. If you are still on the fence about try­ing resin stop think­ing about it and DO IT NOW! It is so much fun and Envi­ro­Tex Resin is so easy to use.

So here is pret­ty much what I did for each charm. Start­ing from Top to Bot­tom.

Charm One has a lay­er of Martha Stew­art Brown­stone glit­ter and a Mak­ing Mem­o­ries Glit­ter Alpha Stick­er.

Charm Two has a punched cir­cle of sheet music that is sealed using Nunn Design Glue. After about three appli­ca­tions of glue which was dried com­plete­ly in between appli­ca­tions I attached a Nunn Design Trans­fer Decal on top of the sheet music as instruct­ed on the pack­ag­ing. I love that the decals are slight­ly trans­par­ent so the sheet music shows through. This cre­ates stun­ning dimen­sion to your pieces.

Charm Three has a lay­er of Martha Stew­art Smokey Quartz glit­ter and a piece of Maya Road Rhine­stone Trim

Note: When using the glit­ter I first placed Nunn Design Glue onto the base of each bezel, applied the glit­ter, gen­tly pressed it down using my fin­ger then tapped of the excess.

Once all the charms were as I want­ed I was ready to mix the Envi­ro­Tex Jew­el­ry Resin as instruct­ed on the pack­ag­ing and apply it to each charm. I LOVE the dome effect you get with this resin. You can see it real­ly well in Charm One.

Amanda's Charms

I topped Charm Two off with a small cop­per flower charm and a Jen­ni Bowl­in Pearl and Rhine­stone Charm. Yes, I mix sil­ver, bronze, cop­per, gold etc. I love the eclec­tic feel these com­bi­na­tions give to jew­el­ry. If I like it I wear it.


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