EnviroTex Resin Charm Trio

Feb 5, 2013

Amanda's Charms

I just realized I forgot to show you the Charm Trio I created for my oldest niece Amanda. If you are still on the fence about trying resin stop thinking about it and DO IT NOW! It is so much fun and EnviroTex Resin is so easy to use.

So here is pretty much what I did for each charm. Starting from Top to Bottom.

Charm One has a layer of Martha Stewart Brownstone glitter and a Making Memories Glitter Alpha Sticker.

Charm Two has a punched circle of sheet music that is sealed using Nunn Design Glue. After about three applications of glue which was dried completely in between applications I attached a Nunn Design Transfer Decal on top of the sheet music as instructed on the packaging. I love that the decals are slightly transparent so the sheet music shows through. This creates stunning dimension to your pieces.

Charm Three has a layer of Martha Stewart Smokey Quartz glitter and a piece of Maya Road Rhinestone Trim

Note: When using the glitter I first placed Nunn Design Glue onto the base of each bezel, applied the glitter, gently pressed it down using my finger then tapped of the excess.

Once all the charms were as I wanted I was ready to mix the EnviroTex Jewelry Resin as instructed on the packaging and apply it to each charm. I LOVE the dome effect you get with this resin. You can see it really well in Charm One.

Amanda's Charms

I topped Charm Two off with a small copper flower charm and a Jenni Bowlin Pearl and Rhinestone Charm. Yes, I mix silver, bronze, copper, gold etc. I love the eclectic feel these combinations give to jewelry. If I like it I wear it.


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