EnviroTex Jewelry Clay

Feb 14, 2013

Jewelry Clay Charm

Oh goodness do I have an awesome and amazing product to tell you about today. As you know I love EnviroTex Jewelry Resin, well at CHA they released their new EnviroTex Jewelry Clay. I got to play with it during a make n take/demo and this stuff is amazing! I created the blinged out charm using this clay and honestly creating cannot get much easier. You can watch a short video on their website HERE.

EnviroTex Jewelry Clay is easy to mix, shape, mold and add texture. It will adhere to stones, crystals, glass, metal, wood etc. and when fully cured it has a smooth porcelain like surface that can be painted, sanded and drilled. This product is AWESOME!

To create the charm shown above all you need are the following supplies: Round Bezel, EnviroTex Jewelry Clay, Rhinestone Button, Silver MicroBeads, Biscotti Perfect Pearls, Disposable Gloves.

  • Wearing a pair of disposable gloves mix a small amount of EnviroTex Jewelry Clay as instructed by the manufacturer.
  • Press the Jewelry Clay into the Bezel, using a paintbrush generously apply Biscotti Perfect Pearls on top of the Jewelry Clay.
  • Pour some Silver Microbeads onto a paper plate and gently press the bezel, clay side down into the MicroBeads.
  • Next, press the rhinestone button into the center of the Jewelry Clay and set aside to cure.

That’s it! In 24 hours you’ll have a charm fully cured and ready to hang on a necklace. Here is a Vine video I posted yesterday, showing the products used to create this charm. EnviroTex Jewelry Clay Mini Video

Sweetest of Valentine’s Day Hugs!

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