EnviroTex Freeform Resin Pendant

Feb 27, 2013

Resin Pendant

This is the result of my first attempt at cre­at­ing a freeform type resin pen­dant. I must admit it took lots of patience on my part and I mean LOTS but I did it and learned a few things along the way, so I’m hap­py. To cre­ate the shape of my pen­dant I used 16 gauge cop­per wire that I pur­chased in the jew­el­ry sec­tion of JoAnns. I shaped the wire as I want­ed my pen­dant to look then twist­ed the ends to cre­ate a loop type hang­er at the top. Next, I placed the cop­per piece onto a steel bench block and ham­mered the wire until it was flat.

Now, I need­ed some­thing to enable me to pour my resin into the pen­dant so the resin would not flow out from under­neath the wire so I attached the pen­dant shape onto clear pack­ag­ing tape, mak­ing sure all areas of the cop­per wire where attached to the tape. This is a very impor­tant step. If you do not have the wire attached well onto the tape when you pour the resin it is going to flow out from under the wire, which you do not want. As hard as I tried to make sure all the wire was attached I still had a few tiny areas I had to watch. After the first soft cure I used a craft knife to remove the excess resin.

Now that the first soft cure was accom­plished I placed a few ledger paper and sheet music but­ter­flies as well as the word daugh­ter I found on a book page on top of my first resin pour. I then mixed anoth­er small batch of Envi­ro­Tex Jew­el­ry Resin and applied it on top of the paper embell­ish­ments. Once I fin­ished with my sec­ond resin pour I sprin­kled a few gold microbeads on top allow­ing them to set­tle down into the resin. It was then time to cure so I set the pen­dant on a flat sur­face and left it alone for a good 12 hours.

Freeform Resin Pendant

Once this pen­dant cured for 24 hours I peeled it from the clear duct tape and was super hap­py that it actu­al­ly worked! To give the pen­dant addi­tion­al dimen­sion I placed a torn piece from a paper doily to the back, mixed anoth­er small batch of Envi­ro­Tex Jew­el­ry Resin, then using a paint brush, brushed sev­er­al appli­ca­tions of resin over the paper doily. I once again set it aside to cure for at least 12 hours. I’m telling you this one took loads of patience. After the back of the pen­dant was cured using E6000 I attached some Maya Road Rhine­stone Trim around the front top edge of the pen­dant then let the adhe­sive dry over night.

To fin­ish the pen­dant I tied a piece of white seam bind­ing to the top. Here is a Vine video that shows you the Resin Freeform Pen­dant up close… notice how awe­some that resin looks. It looks just like glass. I think I might add two small pho­to charms of my sweet daugh­ters and attach them as well… we will see. I think I might have used up all my patience on this one.


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