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Jan 31, 2013

Have you heard about this app called Vine? Talk about a fun app for iphone users. I will be playing around with this one quite a bit. If you have the Vine app and want to follow me just search Lisa Pace. I will post mini tutorials and I mean mini since the video can only be 6 seconds or less as well as my everyday and studio life. It’s fun and I hope you join me.

Below you can click on the links to view the four I’ve already posted. And don’t worry if you don’t have an iphone I will post the mini videos off and on right here on my blog so you wont miss out on the fun.

Altering Handmade Frozen Charlotte Dolls ~ This video shows you how I alter my “Handmade Frozen Charlotte Dolls” using acrylic paint. You can also alter my “Handmade Frozen Charlotte ~ Profile Dolls” the same way.

Favorites on my work table ~ This video show all my go to products and supplies that are always sitting on my desk. I’m super lucky to have such amazing book sponsors. Just check out all of the manufacturers I have the pleasure of working with “HERE“.

Creative break ~ Starbucks is always great at clearing up a creative block.

Altering wooden buttons ~ This mini tutorial shows you how I altered some Maya Road Wooden Buttons using Nunn Design products.

Now go find me on Vine.


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