Today She Is One

Jan 25, 2013


It’s hard to believe my sweet lit­tle niece Olivia is a year old, today. As you can see she is a super hap­py baby. Olivia has brought loads of joy to our fam­i­ly and I am so hap­py for face­time. It’s so excit­ing to see her look clos­er into the phone and smile at me as well as clap her hands and play peek-a-boo. Although our first game of peek-a-boo was total­ly an acci­dent on my part but she knew exact­ly what she was doing. I talk with my hands and when I put my hand on my head she thought I was want­i­ng to play peek-a-boo and start­ed play­ing and of course I instant­ly played until she lost inter­est.

Olivi­a’s first year has had many mem­o­rable moments of won­der­ing why her par­ents sat her next to orange col­ored balls called pump­kins and dressed her up like a sweet lit­tle straw­ber­ry, she tugged at many a heart string with her sweet smile, she is already prepar­ing for the techy world and seems quite excit­ed about com­put­ers… although, this aun­tie is going to push art real­ly hard, she can do both… she mas­tered the abil­i­ty to eat sol­id foods and was pret­ty proud of it too and has enjoyed play­ing with dad’s phone and tak­ing pho­tos.






My birth­day wish for Olivia is for every year to be filled with as much love and hap­pi­ness as her first. That she always expe­ri­ences beau­ty and kind­ness from oth­ers and that she knows I love her dear­ly. Oh and that I’m not going to give up on her wear­ing a head­band. She’s a lit­tle Princess in train­ing and Princess­es wear head­bands. Although, if she gave me that face below in per­son I would quick­ly fold like a cheap tent and take it off.

Olivia not liking this headband one bit

Olivia ~ not sure about this Princess in the making stuff

Hap­py 1st Birth­day, Olivia! Aun­tie Lisa loves you.

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