Sweet Little Girls Embellishment Tutorial

Jan 22, 2013

Antiquated Collection Sweet Little Girls Stamp Set

Using the prod­ucts list­ed below is a real­ly quick way to cre­ate cute embell­ish­ments and accents for any project. Plus when stor­ing your Adiron­dack Alco­hol Inks in a palette as I have shown above makes alco­hol inks super portable for crops and week­end retreats.

To cre­ate your portable palette of alco­hol inks sim­ply apply enough drops of each alco­hol ink col­or to cov­er each of the inside cir­cles in the palette as shown above, let the alco­hol inks dry and you are ready to go. You fill the Adiron­dack Alco­hol Ink Fil­l­able Pen just as the instruc­tions on the back of the pack­ag­ing instruct only you use Adiron­dack Alco­hol Blend­ing Solu­tion instead of Alco­hol Inks.

Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion by Lisa M. Pace ~ Pink Per­sim­mon
Sweet Lit­tle Girls Stamp Set

Ranger Prod­ucts 

Tim Holtz Ink Palette, Tm Holtz Adiron­dack Alco­hol Inks, Tim Holtz Adiron­dack Alco­hol Ink Fil­l­able Pen, Tim Holtz Adiron­dack Alco­hol Blend­ing Solu­tion, Inkssen­tials Non-Stick Craft Sheet, Jet Black Archival Ink, Inkssen­tials Heat it Craft Tool

Wendy Vec­chi Stu­dio 490 Stam­pers Anony­mous Prod­uct 

Clear­ly For Art Mod­el­ing Film

1.5”Create-a-Sticker, 1.5” Per­ma­nent Adhe­sive


  • Ink the Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion Sweet Lit­tle Girls stamp using Jet Black Archival Ink. Stamp image onto Clear­ly For Art Mod­el­ing Film. Let stamped image air dry for 20 min. or dry using Heat it Craft Tool.
  • Note: The mod­el­ing film will bend a bit. This is nor­mal.
  • Using an Adiron­dack Alco­hol Ink Fil­l­able Pen filled with Adiron­dack Alco­hol Blend­ing Solu­tion, dab the brush tip end onto the dried Adiron­dack Alco­hol Ink you have stored in your Tim Holtz Ink Palette.
  • On the non-stamped side of the stamped image begin col­or­ing the image. Wipe tip end off onto a paper tow­el after each col­or until you see lit­tle if any col­or com­ing off the tip.
  • Note: If you col­or out­side the lines sim­ply use the Fine Point end of the Fil­l­able Pen to wipe away the excess alco­hol ink col­or. If you decide you don’t like a col­or you already applied and want to start over just put a small amount of Blend­ing Solu­tion onto a cot­ton ball and wipe off the alco­hol ink. You can­not go wrong with this col­or­ing tech­nique.
  • Once the stamped image is col­ored place the image stamped side down into a Xyron 1.5” Cre­ate-a-Stick­er with Per­ma­nent Adhe­sive. Attach the now stamped image to pat­terned paper.
  • Using Fiskars Micro-Tip Scis­sors cut around image as close as pos­si­ble. Heat Clear­ly For Art stamped embell­ish­ment using a Heat it Craft Tool. Once the embell­ish­ment piece is warm enough to bend, bend to cre­ate dimen­sion. Once cool the Clear­ly For Art stamped embell­ish­ment will remain in place. If it cools before you have the shape desired re-heat until the stamped embell­ish­ment is flat and re-shape.

Have fun!

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