Queen Bee EnviroTex Resin Charms

Jan 7, 2013

This year, Aunt Brenda spent Christmas with our family. This is the first Christmas I can remember having her with us at Christmas since I was a very little girl, somewhere around the age of 3 or 4 years old. It was fun and she made my mom and dad the best heirloom ever, which I will share on another blog post. It’s amazing!

Charms for Aunt Brenda

I decided to create two different styled charms for her this Christmas. Aunt Brenda sews a lot and has created some beautiful quilts and remember, she is the one who made my “Traveling Apron“. You can read about it in my “Everything Has A Story” blog post. So I thought I would create her a textile style charm using a Maya Road mini canvas tag for the base and hand stitched a flower from their discontinued mum trim which I’m still in denial over. I loved that trim. Some Maya Road Rhinestone Trim, vintage buttons, a clock face and pearls. Then I attached a small section of Maya Road Pearl Chain and jump ring so she can attach it to a chain. I like how it turned out and can’t wait to see how she wears it.

Aunt Brenda's charms

Then I created her two resin charms which were quite fun to make. I printed “Queen” using my laser printer and attached it to the inside of the bezel using Nunn Design Glue. I applied several layers of this glue allowing it to dry after each application. Then I placed Gold Stickles all around the inside edge and let it dry. Once the Stickles dried I mixed a small batch of EnviroTex Resin and filled the bezel. Then I set it aside to cure over night.

While I poured the rectangle bezel I had the round bezel ready for it’s resin pour, as well. I attached vintage ledger paper in the bottle of the circle bezel the same way I did with the rectangle bezel above but once all the glue layers were dry I added a Nunn Design Transfer image to give the background a little bit of color. I applied a thin layer of Nunn Design Glue over the transfers and let them dry.

After I finished pouring the resin into the “Queen” bezel I poured a thin layer of resin into the round bezel then placed the Nunn Design Bumble Bee in the center and poured more resin into the bezel until the resin was even with the edge of the bezel. Then I placed the bezel on a shelf and let it be for 12 hours to cure. I checked both charms at 12 hours and they were curing nicely. I then added a scallops here and there using an extra fine point Gold water base Sharpie paint pen to accent the piece just a tad bit more then let both charms finish curing.

Queen Bee

I think these turned out beautifully and was so pleased at how much Aunt Brenda loved them.


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