Funky Little Canvas

Jan 3, 2013

Canvas Front

This is the funky lit­tle can­vas I made for my niece Aman­da, for Christ­mas. It is of her and her boyfriend Steve after a TCU game. They are the most adorable cou­ple and I real­ly do hope he ends up being my nephew. Steve is sweet, smart and cute! Ok enough of that because I can hear Aman­da say­ing, “BEASIE” all the way from Hous­ton. Not sure why she named me Beasie when she was a baby but she did and it stuck, so I’m Beasie.

Canvas Sides

Any­way, enough of all that and on to the can­vas. I did a pho­to trans­fer of their pho­to onto a 4 x 4 can­vas, then using Clau­dine Hell­muth Stu­dio paints and stamps I accent­ed the sides of the can­vas. I pro­tect­ed the image trans­fer with a coat­ing of Clau­dine Hell­muth Mat­te Mul­ti Medi­um. Once all the paint­ing was com­plet­ed and dry I cov­ered the sides with Dis­tress Crack­le Clear Rock Can­dy Paint. After this dried I went over the crack­le paint with Vin­tage Pho­to Dis­tress Ink and wiped off the excess using a damp paper tow­el. I used Dia­mond Stick­les to accent the flower cen­ters just to give it some sparkle and added tex­ture to the can­vas.

Canvas Sides and Metal Edging

To com­plete the can­vas I cut thin strips of foil tape using my paper trim­mer then cut one edge with scal­lop scis­sors. I then took a sty­lus and added dots and lines along the scal­lops to add yet again a bit more tex­ture. I feel you can nev­er have too much tex­ture. Aman­da loved the can­vas and I was super hap­py to know she has it sit­ting proud­ly on her dress­er. I love that girl so much.

Amanda & Steve

I tell ya decid­ing to make all my Christ­mas gifts for my fam­i­ly this year was a much big­ger task than I had planned but I’m real­ly glad I did as every­one real­ly loved their gifts. I still have lots more to share so keep check­ing back.


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